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Set up the Insta360 ONE RS with your JobWalk App
Set up the Insta360 ONE RS with your JobWalk App

How to connect and use the Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition with the HoloBuilder JobWalk App

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To get started with setting up your Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition, please download the JobWalk App to your mobile device and log in.
Only version 2.12.10 or newer of the JWA supports the ONE RS.
Make sure your camera firmware is updated to version for optimal performance.
You can learn more about how to work with the JobWalk App in the dedicated article.


For using the Insta360 ONE RS camera with the JobWalk app, it is required to have an SD card inserted into the camera or to use the Quick Reader.

Set up and connect your Insta360 ONE RS 360° camera with the JobWalk App


Before you can use any Insta360 camera with the JobWalk app, you need to register the camera in the dedicated app from Insta360.
Please check the setup guide for your camera.

Only when the camera is connected via the internal WiFi network of the Insta360 ONE RS camera, you can use your smartphone with the JobWalk App to capture photos on-site and place them directly on a sheet.

Connecting from within the JobWalk App (recommended process)

Start the JobWalk App and download/update an existing project or create a new project. Add a new floor plan/sheet or select an existing sheet of the project. Tab on the sheet to place the first photo. Follow the instructions below or on the app screen for setting up the corresponding camera connection for your Insta360 ONE RS.

Connecting before starting the JobWalk App

Alternatively, it is also possible to first establish the connection of your mobile device with the camera and open the JobWalk App in a second step. This way you can directly start capturing on your project. Simply follow the steps below for connecting to the Insta360 ONE RS.


When editing an existing project, please make sure to have your HoloBuilder project downloaded/updated before connecting to the camera.

Insta360 ONE RS setup

Insta360 ONE RS camera


Insert a high quality MicroSD card. Please use exFAT Format MicroSD cards of speed classes UHS-I and V30 to ensure normal recording.
The maximum supported storage space is 1TB.

Make sure the camera and phone are fully charged before going on-site to avoid any bad surprises during the 360° photo capture process. You can see an indication of whether the battery level on the Insta360 ONE RS camera is low on the display of the camera.

Camera Status

Camera's Indicator Light

Camera is powering on

Solid blue

Camera is in standby mode

Solid cyan

Camera is off and charging

Solid red

Camera is off and fully charged


Camera is recording

Flashing red

Camera is in U-disk mode

Flashing blue

Camera is updating firmware

Solid blue

Storage error

Flashing blue


In order to connect the Insta360 ONE RS to your device, you need to have the
Insta360 App installed on the device.

Make sure that you have the app installed before proceeding with the tutorial.


  1. Turn on WiFi and bluetooth on your phone.

  2. Turn on the Insta360 ONE RS.

  3. Open the Insta360 app and tap the yellow camera icon at the bottom of the page.

  4. Here you should see your camera listed.
    The name of your camera is "ONE RS ******" by default, where ****** is the last six digits of the serial number on the box your ONE RS came in.

  5. If connecting for the first time a prompt will appear on the app and you will need to confirm the connection on the camera’s touch screen.

  6. If the above does not work, go to the phone's WiFi settings and search for your ONE RS. Tap to connect, then return to the app.


You can always reach us via email at, use the live chat feature in the bottom right corner or simply contact your go-to HoloBuilder representative.

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