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Reporting a Problem to Support
Reporting a Problem to Support

How to send the debug code to support from your mobile device

Written by Giancarlo Jimenez
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Send us your project information on iOS & Android

If you experience any problems with a project in the JobWalk app, e.g. when the project is not uploading, please help us help you by sending an e-mail with the project info log. 

Note: To send the debug report, it is required that your mobile device is connected to the internet using a stable connection. We recommend using a Wifi connection when reporting a problem. For large projects, the report file can be 2+GB.

Steps for reporting

  1. Select the project that you would like support for.

  2. Open the project menu by tapping on the three dots in the upper right corner. 

  3. Tap on Report a problem

  4. In the pop-up, choose SEND MAIL.

  5. Your e-mail program will create a new e-mail automatically including the project log (important project information). It’s important that you additionally provide a description of your problem so that we can understand your troubles even better and find the solution faster. Thank you kindly for your support.

Report a problem menu in HoloBuilder mobile app

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