Download the JobWalk app directly from Google Play Store for your Android or the App Store for your iOS device.

NOTE: If you are using the HoloBuilder EU server solution you will need to download the JobWalk app for EU for Android or iOS.

Log in to the JobWalk app using your HoloBuilder credentials or the corresponding third-party login, depending on how you signed up.

In the Jobwalk app, you have different screens you can navigate through the app's main menu.

The three bars on the top left open a context menu that allows to switch between the different screens Projects, Settings and Help & Feedback functions as well as the logout.

Profile  - Logout

Tap on your name or the triangular arrow to get to the logout option. Select Logout to leave the app and avoid that anybody else with access to your phone can access or even edit your HoloBuilder projects.

Please note that you will stay logged in when only closing the app without logging out. 


The project screen is the default view when logging in. The screen is separated into two lists:

  • ON THIS DEVICE: The projects you currently have downloaded to the device with the JobWalk app ready for editing.

  •  IN THE CLOUD: The projects that you created/are invited to and are ready for download from your HoloBuilder account.


Switch to the Settings screen in the main menu to configure your JobWalk App - learn more about what each of the settings relate to here.


  • Upload / Download via WiFi only

Increase performance:

  • Disable automatic 360 preview

  • Process photos in the background


  • Save 2d photo to gallery


  • Rotate 360 previews by sensors

  • Room icon size

  • Size of UI - learn more


  • Enable Analytics

  • JobWalk App version installed

Help & Feedback

This screen gives you access to expert knowledge and allows you to contact us if you encounter any problems or have valuable feedback or requests.

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