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Settings in the JobWalk app

Learn a little more about the settings and configuration options of the JobWalk App for an even better app and capturing experience.

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The settings menu in our HoloBuilder JobWalk App allows you to personalize and adapt various app components. This helps configure your personal preferences  and allows for a more pleasant JobWalk experience. 

Accessing the app settings

  1. Open the JobWalk app on your device.

  2. Now, open the app menu by tapping on the three lines in the upper left corner of your screen.

  3. A sidebar with several menu items will open on the left side of your screen. Select the settings icon.

  4. A list of all setting options for the app will be displayed now. The following options should be available:

Menu settings in JobWalk app


Upload / Download via WIFI only:  

The recommended setting is ON. Since HoloBuilder projects quickly become very large files, down-/uploads should only be done while connected with a stable WIFI network, so as to not use up mobile data. Make sure that the internet connection is strong; errors might occur, if the up-/download is interrupted due to weak WIFI.

Increase performance

Disable automatic 360 preview: 

When checked, this setting disables the immediate image preview when capturing with the 360° camera. This reduces the loading time and increases the capturing speed.

Process photos in the background:

This feature enables the image processing in the background during the capturing process and reduces the capturing speed. Uncheck to disable the immediate image processing while capturing which will increase the overall capturing speed. Please note, that the image processing will then be done when uploading the project to the cloud. This results in an increased upload time.


Save 2d images to gallery:

When turned ON, it enables that all added 2D images in a project will be also saved to the image gallery of your mobile device for backup. Please note that this only refers to the 2D images you add into your 360 scenes. Learn how.


Rotate 360 preview by sensors:

Enable this setting in order to turn on the sensoric control over the rotation of the 360 images. You will be able to look around the image by moving your device accordingly.

Room icon size:

Select the desired size of the waypoints displayed on your sheet. Set the waypoint size to small, medium or large.

Size of UI:

Moving this slider will help configure the size of the interface to your individual requirements. To find out how to adjust the size of the UI in the JobWalk App, read this article


Enable Analytics:

When checked, this setting enables us to learn more about the app performance and improved problem reporting.

JobWalk App version installed:

Shows the installed version number for reference. Please always let us know which version you have installed for reference when you report a problem.

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