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How to edit Scene Settings in the Web Editor
How to edit Scene Settings in the Web Editor

With the scene settings, you can rotate a 360 scene, apply effects like face blur, download screenshots, and manage assets.

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You can edit various settings of a scene with the sidebar on the right.

To open a scene's setting click on Scene to show the menu depicted below:

Scene setting menu in HoloBuilder Web Editor

Rotate Sphere

Correct any tilts in your 360° images by rotating the image on any of the three axes. 

Effects and (face) blur

Make image adjustments such as modifying brightness, hue, and vibrance.
You can automatically blur faces or manually blur any proprietary or sensitive information on your scene.

Please note that the automatic face blur might not detect all faces and please double-check whether all faces have been blurred to ensure privacy.

Download screenshot of scene view

Click the button to capture a screenshot of the currently selected view of the scene. The screenshot can be configured to include markups and any other information or be only the plain view of the 360° image. 

Object list (Assets)

Find an overview of all objects already added in the currently selected scene. Rename the objects and organize them into folders to show and hide as a group.

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