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How to add automated project-wide face blurring to your projects
How to add automated project-wide face blurring to your projects

Learn more about the automated project-wide face blurring option in the Dashboard

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Note: This is a special feature that needs to be activated for dashboard subscription upon request - please contact your account manager to get access or reach out to for more information.


We understand that privacy matters: The face blurring feature is a very important tool in HoloBuilder to ensure the anonymity of on-site workers and other persons on site. Often, there are tens or even hundreds of 360 photos taken on the site every week and it is unavoidable not to have anyone in the background of the shots.

HoloBuilder gives you different options on how to use face blurring:

  • Automated face blurring on an individual 360 photo in the Web Editor

  • Manual blurring on a selected area in a 360 photo in the Web Editor

  • Activate automated face blurring for an entire project in the Dashboard - see below

How to activate automated face blurring for an entire project

The project-wide face blurring feature can be activated in a few easy steps.

NOTE: Only an Enterprise Admin has permission to activate this feature for a project in the company dashboard.

IMPORTANT: Once the faces have been blurred on a project, this cannot be undone and the blurring cannot be deactivated again for this project!

1. In the HoloBuilder Dashboard, open the Active Projects list and select the project you would like to apply the automated face blurring feature.

2. In the Features section below the project details, you can find the item Automated Face Blurring.

3. Activate the feature by clicking the toggle switch to the right.

Activate automated face blurring option in HoloBuilder

4. A separate dialog window will open and ask you to confirm the activation.

If you are certain that you want to use the feature, click Activate.

NOTE: Be aware that automated face blurring for a project CANNOT be deactivated; all faces in the project will be blurred permanently.

Confirming automated face blurring in HoloBuilder

5. The automated face blurring feature will now be applied to all existing 360 scenes in your project.

NOTE: It can take a while for the project to be completely processed and the face blurring to be applied to the entire project. While it is being applied, you can keep working on the project without any issues. All newly added 360 photos will have the faces blurred automatically.

6. The screenshot below shows a scene after automated face blurring has been applied.

NOTE: Please be aware that due to caching it can take up to one hour for the automatic blurring to be applied to any newly added 360 photos.

Face blurring example in HoloBuilder

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