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Working with image blurring
How to use manual blurring on your 360 scenes
How to use manual blurring on your 360 scenes

As 360 images capture all your surroundings, you can, e.g., hide sensitive data that should not be visible with the manual blurring option.

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Blur individual areas in a 360 scene in the web editor for increased privacy settings.

Blurring an area

  1. Open your project in the web editor.

2. Go to the scene you want to blur an area in.
3. Rotate the scene to focus on the area.
4. In the sidebar (right-hand), click on the first icon "Scene".
5. Enable the blurring mode by clicking on the icon farthest to the right in the "Effects" section.
6. Click and drag to mark the area you want to blur (blue frame).

Manual blurring UI in HoloBuilder

7. Release to complete the marking process.
8. Confirm to keep the blurred area.

Confirming blurring in HoloBuilder

Add more blurrings in the focus area if needed.

Leave blurring mode/add different blurrings

To add more blurrings in different scenes or a different focus of the currently selected scene, you need to first leave the blurring mode. 

Leave blurring mode but continue blurring other images

Click on the arrow at the top of the menu next to the zoom in/out option. This allows you to navigate the project again but quickly also switch back to the blurring mode as described above.

Leave blurring to continue working on project 

Close the scene menu by clicking on the scene icon in the lefthand-side panel. This will automatically leave the blurring mode.
Alternatively, you can switch to a different scene from the sheet map or the project panel. This will automatically close the blurring mode. 

Undoing blurring

In order to really make sure your sensitive data stays save and no one can undo the blurring, there is no option for anyone to undo a blurring after the blurring was confirmed and the project was saved.

Blurring in the JobWalk App

As for now, it is not possible to directly blur areas in the JobWalk App.

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