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Working with the GPS Enabled Floor Plans
GPS Enabled Floor Plans: How to add GPS coordinates to a sheet in the Web Editor
GPS Enabled Floor Plans: How to add GPS coordinates to a sheet in the Web Editor

Add GPS coordinates to your floor plans on the HoloBuilder Web Editor for faster, easier, and more precise captures outdoors!

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Please note that this feature is part of a paid add-on, please contact or your personal contact to learn more about your options.

GPS Enabled Floor Plans is targeted towards linear/civil type projects but can also be used during the early stages of general buildings before the structure gets put in place.

It enables you to:

  1. Add GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) to floor plans for georeferencing these - Jump to the section below.

  2. Manually upload 360° photos according to their GPS data to a georeferenced sheet on the Web Editor.

  3. Enable GPS Tracking of your movements on a georeferenced sheet while capturing photos on the JobWalk app.


Adding GPS coordinates to floor plans on the HoloBuilder Web Editor

Follow these simple steps to set the GPS coordinates to your sheet in the Web Editor:

  1. Open your project on the Web Editor.

  2. Open a sheet of your choice in the selected project from the panel on the left.

  3. Right-click on the floor plan/sheet and choose "Add GPS Information" from the context menu.

    Add GPS coordinates

  4. Choose 2 points on the sheet, ideally on opposite corners, and fill in the GPS coordinates for the Latitude and Longitude. These can be obtained from any GPS software or program such as google maps.

    1. Right-click in one corner to set the first point. Add the details.

    2. Right-click in the opposite corner (diagonally) to set the second point, making sure there is as much distance as possible in between.

      Set first GPS coordinate point

      Set second GPS coordinate point

  5. Select "Save" on the bottom right to apply the changes.

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