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Working with the GPS Enabled Floor Plans
How to work with the GPS Enabled Plans in HoloBuilder - An Overview
How to work with the GPS Enabled Plans in HoloBuilder - An Overview

Geo-reference any plan & unlock a faster, easier, and more precise documentation & capture experience for your teams in the field & office.

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Note: The GPS Enabled Floor Plans feature is a paid add-on - please reach out to your HoloBuilde representative to learn more about getting this feature added to your HoloBuilder dashboard or a specific project.

Bring GPS positioning to your processes within HoloBuilder by adding longitude and latitude information to your floor plans to unlock:

  1. Automatic GPS positioning of georeferenced 360° photos, e.g. of drones, on the floor plan as well as

  2. Positioning of yourself on the floor plan when using the JobWalk app is Ideal for linear and infrastructure projects or any project before any structure has been put in place.

Note: As this feature is working with GPS, it is only to be used for outdoor projects.

Find an overview of all options related to this add-on feature below:

Geo-referencing the custom plan

  • GPS Enabled Floor Plans: How to add GPS coordinates to a sheet in the Web Editor
    Add longitude and latitude coordinates to your floor plan to geo-reference and use for easy image linking in the Web Editor and JobWalk app.

Working with the geo-referenced plan in the Web Editor

  • How to upload 360° photos according to their GPS data to a georeferenced sheet on the Web Editor
    Upload 360 images that have a longitude & latitude stored in their metadata in the Web Editor to a geo-referenced floor plan - the images will be automatically placed on the correct location accordingly.

Working with geo-referenced plan in the JobWalk app

  • How to enable GPS Tracking of your movements on a geo-referenced sheet while capturing photos on the JWA
    Activate the GPS tracking on a geo-referenced floor plan in your JobWalk app to locate your position on the plan and capture your 360 images accordingly.

Additional options (not included in paid subscription of GPS Enabled Plans)

There might be some additional GPS-related features that are available in the basic HoloBuilder feature set already:

  • How to capture 360° outdoor images with GPS for location-accuracy
    Add a cropped plan using the Google Maps integration on the JobWalk app and track your movements with GPS on the selected section for capturing in the JobWalk app.

    Note: The cropped plan from Google Maps cannot be used to drop 360 images on it for linking in the Web Editor.

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