To help you get rid of this message, this article provides you with various measures for troubleshooting.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide a “one-fits-all” kind of solution. This is due to the fact that individual software and hardware, as well as different platform and browser combinations, may cause different issues, leading to the error message to appear.

Chances are high, though, that the information provided in this article will help you resolve the issue quickly:

Please note that WebGL is not a service from HoloBuilder. If there are any issues with WebGL on your device, our options for helping you are limited.

  1. Firstly, check whether the browser you are using supports WebGL in general.
    To do so, open this link in a separate window of your browser:

    Dark green means your browser’s capability at running WebGL is fine, a shape of green usually means that you should be good to go

  2. Next, check if the browser’s WebGL features work properly on your system:
    You should see an animation of a rotating cube, which looks like the following:

3. If your browser is not displaying the cube properly, search for information on how
to enable WebGL in your browser here:

4. If you are using Google Chrome (the browser we strongly recommend for using

HoloBuilder!) please check if hardware acceleration is enabled.

5. Check if your graphics card is one of the blacklists that exist for different


If you recognize your graphics card on this list, it means you are out of luck with

using WebGL. The only thing you could try is to bypass the blacklist –  check at

your own risk!

Please note that this can lead to unexpected behavior and might even create damage. Do so only at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any possible consequences in this context.

6. Search through the Google Groups WebGL forum with relevant keywords, e.g.


7. Go to the official WebGL Wiki for further information:

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