PDF Reports give you a quick and easy overview of selected parts of the progress on the construction site additionally to the full 360 HoloBuilder documentation. You will have an analogue report including pictures and information about the site.

Note: If you do not yet have access to the PDF report, you can get more details and request to get access here.

Download a PDF report of your project

  1. Open your project in the Web Editor
  2. Click on File in the upper panel, then select PDF Report in the drop down. 

    Note: If you do not have this feature, you can get in contact with us by clicking on the 'PDF Report' option under File>PDF Report.

3. The Create Report modal will now open. Here, you can start configuring your PDF report. 

4. Select which scenes you want to include in the report by
    (a) selecting a specific timeframe,
    (b) choosing either one or more categories (left side of the modal),
    (c) directly browsing through your floorplans to choose individual scenes, time
         travels or complete sheets
(right side of the modal).
    (d) combine the different setting options, e.g. to show all images from last week for
         a singel floorplan.

Please note that you can only include 50 or less scenes in your report.

5. Once you have completed your selection, click Next to proceed to the subsequent configuration step.

6. In the next section, you can choose the content of the report:
    (a) Added information

  • Markups
  • 2D images
  • Categories
  • Scene description
  • Top images
  • Bottom images
  • Hyperlinks
  • Page numbers

    (b) Type of display for the 360 image

  • Individual image for six directions: The 360 image divided up into six individual images for the four cardinal points as well as top and bottom.
  • Flattened 360 image: The 360 image as a single equirectangular image output. 

7. Finish the report by clicking on 'Create'. The report will be generated and
   downloaded as PDF to the default download folder of your computer.

View the report

The customized report will be downloaded and saved as a PDF file to your computer. You can view and share the PDF report like any other PDF file. 

The report will include 

  • the scene name
  • the floorplan image the scene is placed on
  • the floorplan name
  • date of capture
  • categories
  • scene description

Best Practice

  1. Combine the HoloBuilder Categories feature with the PDF export to filter down the images you want to download even faster - learn more about categories.
  2. Make sure you name your locations effectively to be able to add additional site location information to the export.
  3. Combine Markups by checking the Include Markups box before hitting the export button - learn more about Markups.
  4. Look for Safety Hazards, do quick QC, before creating the PDF report and sending it to your stakeholders.

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