In this tutorial, find out how to export a sheet map showing all locations in PDF format. In just two clicks, download all the sheet-map information you need.  

  1. Open your project in the Web Editor.

  2. In the scene list on the left side of your screen, find and open the sheet that you would like to download.
    Alternatively, use the drop-down menu on top of your sheet map to choose the correct view.

  3. Make sure that the sheet to be downloaded is displayed in the small sheet map window. 

  4. Now, go into the sheet map's fullscreen mode by clicking on the two opposing arrows next to the sheet.

  5. Once in fullscreen mode, you can find the additional menu item Export PDF on the right-hand side of your screen. Click on the small PDF icon and the sheet image will be downloaded in PDF format. 

    6. You can find and open the PDF file in your Downloads. It includes the sheetmap
       with all available locations and clickable links that will bring you to the respective
       location in the Web Editor.

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