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How to update the Offline HoloViewer desktop app
How to update the Offline HoloViewer desktop app

Learn more on how to update an installed version of your Offline HoloViewer desktop app.

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New versions of the Offline HoloViewer App with general improvements and possible new features will be released on a regular basis. You can decide when to upgrade your offline app and manually download the upgrade, there will be no automatic upgrade for the Offline HoloViewer.

Note: Installing updates is only recommended if you are downloading new projects from your own account. For accessing handed over or just older projects, the requirements do not change and you can still use the same installed version of the HoloViewer.

Getting a newer HoloViewer version

  1. In order to keep your downloaded projects safe and viewable, we recommend making a backup of the complete app folder including the currently used Offline HoloViewer app .exe as well as all projects.

  2. Simply locate the Offline HoloViewer app folder (usually on the desktop) and copy the complete folder. Paste the folder anywhere on your hard drive to keep it as a backup.

  3. After making the backup of your Offline HoloViewer App folder, go to the Offline HoloViewer download page and select the correct app version for your system. Click to download and follow the instructions for installation as the first time.

  4. You can add your projects to the new HoloViewer version if they are not added automatically or you want to manually add them to the new HoloViewer version.

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