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How to remove a user from a project in the Enterprise Dashboard
How to remove a user from a project in the Enterprise Dashboard

Learn more on how you can remove a user from a specific project in your Enterprise Dashboard

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Team members of a project might change while it is still ongoing. You can configure your project team anytime in 

  • the Enterprise Dashboard - see below

  • or, directly in the Web Editor - learn more

Please note that removing a user from a project, will not revoke his company access. If a user also has a company role - Enterprise Admin, Group Manager, Project Manager or Enterprise Viewer - this user can be removed from the whole company dashboard - learn more.

Be aware that only Enterprise Admins can remove a user from the Enterprise Dashboard. 

Remove a user with project role

In the Enterprise Dashboard, you can simply remove individual users with project access roles from a specific project without having to create a new project team, e.g. when discontinuing the work with a subscontractor. 

  1. Open your Active Projects area.

  2. Select the project of which you would like to change the members. 

  3. Switch to the tab Team. 

  4. In the list of all your Project Team members, find the user you would like to remove and click the '-' icon to the right of the user name.

    Alterntively to removing a user, you can also simply change the user role by clicking on the little arrow of the drop-down menu.

  5. At last, a new window will open asking you to confirm your action. Click Remove, then the user will not be part of the project team anymore.

Remove user from project in HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

Please note that you can also add new team members at any time. Just click the Add Member button and add as many of your Dashboard users as you like. This article gives more detailed information.

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