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Introduction into the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard
Introduction into the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

Learn how to get started with your your Multi-tiered Administration in the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

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Please note that setting up the Enterprise Dashboard is only available for registered Enterprise Dashboard users with the necessary dashboard permissions of Enterprise Admin, Group Manager or Project Manager.
If you do not yet have a project dashboard, please find more information on the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard on our website or reach out at

The Enterprise Dashboard

The Enterprise Dashboard is your central point of access to all projects in your company or region on one dashboard, with an intuitive user interface for account and project administration. Learn how to set it up below:

First set-up of the Enterprise Account

If you do not have an Enterprise account yet, please contact us and we will walk you through it. The following post will give you a short overview of its functionalities and the initial setup.

If you are just starting into your Enterprise Account and looking for a more general introduction to Construction Software Access Management using the Enterprise Dashboard, please read our Guide to Construction Software Access Management.

1 How to access the Enterprise Dashboard

The Enterprise Dashboard is a stand-alone company service that can be purchased independently from an individual, single-account HoloBuilder Construction Solution Collaboration subscription. Please contact us to request a demo of the Dashboard’s functionality or get more information on all available options through the form on our information website or by reaching out at

1.1 Signing up for the Enterprise Dashboard

In order to initially sign up for using the Enterprise Dashboard please talk to us. After we have discussed your requirements, we will provide you with access to your Enterprise Dashboard subscription, by setting up your company in our database and managing your subscription later on. The main account holder for your Enterprise Dashboard subscription is called ‘Enterprise Admin’. This can be anyone, meaning a new person who signs up for a new HoloBuilder account with their e-mail address or any of your existing HoloBuilder accounts that can be set as ‘Enterprise Admin’. As Enterprise Admin, you can add and manage all users and projects in your company.

As mentioned before, please note that if you do not yet have a HoloBuilder account, you first need to sign up to HoloBuilder to create one account that will be set as Enterprise Admin. Simply follow the instructions in the HoloBuilder Web Editor to create an account.

1.2 Logging into the Dashboard

Once you have been set up for the Enterprise Dashboard by our team, please just sign in to HoloBuilder with your Enterprise Admin account credentials to get started. 

If you start the working with HoloBuilder from scratch and do not yet have any colleagues on HoloBuilder, you will be asked to create a Group first:

Creating new Group in HoloBuilder Dashboard

Name your Group and click on 'Create.' You will automatically be added to that Group and be made a Group Manager.

You will then be presented with an overview of your active HoloBuilder projects and can switch between screens with different administrative features in the panel on the left side.

1.3 Dashboard overview – User Management

The Enterprise Dashboard enables you to easily manage all your company projects and administer any external and internal company users. Create, edit or remove projects and users alike directly from within the dashboard.

User management in HoloBuilder Dashboard


All your company’s projects can be found here. They are separated into two listings according to their status:

  • Active: Find an overview of all currently in-progress company projects that you have access permission to.

  • Archived: All completed projects can be archived and will be stored here. The projects cannot be edited anymore and do not count against your total amount of square feet.

Learn how to create a new Project from scratch if you are new to the Enterprise Dashboard. When you already have active Projects you can also save time and create a new Project using an existing member group.


With the JobSite Analytics engine, you are able to get real-time updates on what work has been performed in your HoloBuilder projects:

See stats on projects across your organization, compare the different projects in your organization.
Know what work got done, and what work is still to be done.
Gain an overview of how much and how often people captured on your projects.
Embedded in HoloBuilder’s Enterprise Dashboard, you are able to see all ongoing projects activities and their status: Always know when capturing has been completed and when capturing is still going on!

JobSite Analytics include:

  • Number of projects captured

  • Number of 360° images

  • Number of sheets uploaded

  • Number of sq. ft. in use

You can track changes over all your projects or select only one project. For a more detailed overview refer to the article on how to use HoloBuilder JobSite Analytics.


Get an overview of all Groups and manage the specified Group Managers and Project Managers, as well as the assigned area of each Group and the total amount of used and unused area.

User Directory

Add or edit all users to have access to one or more projects in your company account. Specify the right access permissions by assigning the role to a user while creating or revoke certain access permissions by changing a user’s role or removing a user. 

Roles & Permissions

  • Enterprise Admin: The owner of the Enterprise Account; has access to everything

  • Enterprise Viewer: Can view the organization with their projects, but cannot edit anything (for C-Suite access)

  • Group Manager: Responsible for a groupset of construction projects.

  • Project Manager: Owner of a specific HoloBuilder project.

  • Project Admin: Can manage the construction project, invite editors and viewers.

  • Project Editor: Can contribute, modify and annotate the project.

  • Project Viewer: Can view the project.

  • No role: User does not have a specific company related role at the moment. He can still be added to Projects as Project Admin, Project Editor, or Project Viewer.


The Account will be displayed as a little profile photo next to the account name in the lower left corner.

You can click on it to log out of the Enterprise Dashboard or adjust your profile info. 


If you want to learn more about the Enterprise Dashboard, check out our extended tutorial as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out directly at if you have any questions, problems or concerns. We are happy to help.


1) What are the differences between the Project Manager (PM), Project Admin (PA), and Project Editor (PE)?

  • New company projects: The PM can create new projects, the PA and PE can only work on a project they have been invited to.

  • Additional subscription: All projects created by the PM belong to the company. A PM cannot hold an individual subscription parallel to his company role. The PA and PE can hold an individual subscription and create projects of their own if they have an active, e.g., Construction Solution plan. However, the projects will not be added to the company and are only available in their individual accounts.

  • Dashboard access: The PA and PE do not have access to the company dashboard.

  • Edit project properties: The PE can only add content, such as sheets, 360° images, action objects, etc, to the company projects. This user cannot access or edit the project properties, such as the general project information, branding, invite others, and categories, or share the link to the project.

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