When creating new projects in the Enterprise Dashboard, there are different options you can use to facilitate the setup. 

Please note that creating new projects cannot be done by all users and is restricted to the following user roles:

  • Enterprise Admin
  • Group Manager

Create a new project

Once you have created a Group that includes the colleagues you want to include on the project you can start creating a new project with your Enterprise Account.

Create a new project:

  1. Select the tab ‘Active’ below ‘Projects’ in the panel on the left
  2. Click on ‘Create Project’
  3. Fill out the form & click  ‘Create Project’

The project creation form contains six fields for information to be entered into, all of which, except for ‘Client Name’, are required. In the ‘Project Area’ field, enter the number that represents the area of your project in square feet. This will specify how much area this specific project is taking up from the entire available area.

Please note that you need to assign at least one Group Manager from that Group to the project. 

Simply enter the email addresses of the desired users to assign them to this project or select the corresponding user from the drop-down menu. 

Additionally, for new project creation in general, you can choose an existing team from another project to add as members of the new project. Learn how to add an existing team here. Also, you can add pre-designed category templates to your new projects for direct project tagging. Learn more about how to use category templates in the Enterprise Dashboard company-wide here.

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