Project Management

Manage and organize your dashboards efficiently to keep your projects up-to-date

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How to create a new project in the HoloBuilder Enterprise DashboardLearn how to set up new projects in the Enterprise project and assign to existing groups
Creating a new Project with an existing member GroupYou can automatically invite complete collaborator groups from other projects to a newly created project or even existing projects.
How to delete a project from your dashboardLearn how to remove a project permanently from your HoloBuilder account if you do not wish to keep it in your archive anymore.
How to modify the project details in the DashboardLearn more about changing the project details in your Enterprise Dashboard to adjust, e.g., the project visibilty, name or assigned PM.
Project lists – view, search & organizeIn the Projects tab you can get an overview of all projects you have any access permission to that are active or already archived.
How to change the assigned group on a HoloBuilder project in the company dashboardLearn in this quick tutorial, how to change the group on your HoloBuilder project.
Transferring existing users & projects to your Enterprise AccountRead up on importing users & projects to your Enterprise account when setting up your account.
How to change the Project Manager on a projectLearn in this quick tutorial, how to change the Project Manager in the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard
Download Project overview as .csvWith the .csv download button, it is possible to download an overview of all your projects in the Enterprise Dashboard as a .csv file.