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How to modify the project details in the Dashboard
How to modify the project details in the Dashboard

Learn more about changing the project details in your Enterprise Dashboard to adjust, e.g., the project visibilty, name or assigned PM.

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It is possible to edit the details of an active project in the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard at any time. You can e.g. adjust the thumbnail, project name or access level of a project. 

Please note that you cannot edit an archived project. Also, you need to hold a role with Dashboard access and editing permissions for that specific project.

Edit the project details

  1. Open your HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

  2. In your Active projects folder, select the project to be edited in order to open its project details.

Select project to be edited

   3. Next, select the pencil icon in the upper right corner. 

Pencil icon to edit project details

   4. You can now adjust the details of your project however you like. It is possible to
       adjust the following characteristics:

       - Project name
       - Client name
       - Project address

       - Access level - choose between private and unlisted (learn more)
       - Group - set the assigned team
       - Project Manager - specify the person responsible for this project

   5. Once you have edited the project details to your preferences, you can save your
       changes by clicking on the checkmark in the upper right corner of your screen.
       Should you not be happy with your changes, you can also click the X-button right
       next to it to discard your changes.

Project details field

You can go back to your project details again at any time to
readjust the information. 

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