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Transferring existing users & projects to your Enterprise Account
Transferring existing users & projects to your Enterprise Account

Read up on importing users & projects to your Enterprise account when setting up your account.

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You are new with HoloBuilder, but you have co-workers that already have a HoloBuilder account? - No matter whether their account is active or inactive, we can add these users to your company dashboard during the company setup.

In order to do so, we would need the below information from you.

Please send an email to your HoloBuilder representative or reach out to our support team at for further assistance.

  1. Please provide us with a list of the email addresses of the co-workers with an existing HoloBuilder account as well as the desired role each should have.
    Should you need more information about the different roles at HoloBuilder, this article will help you. 

  2.  For each user that should be transferred, please also add the connected HoloBuilder projects as well as the newly assigned Group and Project Manager on your dashboard.

If you provide us with this information during the company setup, we will add the users and projects to your company for you. When transferring a co-worker's account to your Enterprise Account, you can decide which projects should become transferred to the Enterprise Dashboard and which will stay with the co-worker’s account. 

Please note, that transferred users will not have a subscription of their own anymore once added to the Enterprise Dashboard. This means that all projects of this co-worker's account not transferred to your Enterprise Dashboard will need to be deleted.

IMPORTANT: Any account merges and project migrations might be subject to an additional charge, especial if these are requested after the initial account setup.

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