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How to change your user name for your HoloBuilder account
How to change your user name for your HoloBuilder account

Find below a few easy steps for changing your user name on the enterprise dashboard or in the web editor.

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NOTE: You can not change your user name in your account if you signed up on HoloBuilder via SSO Login (Company, Autodesk, Google, etc). In that case, your account is directly linked to the third-party login, please refer to the corresponding service provider to make any changes.

If you did not sign up via an SSO service, you can change your user name in the Enterprise Dashboard.

If you do not have a HoloBuilder dashboard yet, talk to our team at or check with support@holobuilder to assist you to change your account's user name.

In the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

Note: Make sure you signed up using an email and password!

  1. Access your Enterprise Dashboard on the US or EU server and log in.

  2. In the lower-left corner of the dashboard overview, find the profile name that you are logged in with and click on it to access your profile. You should be able to see all the personal information in your profile as well as a list of your related groups and projects.

  3. In the 'Profile' tab under your profile picture, find your current user name for your HoloBuilder account - Click on the name or the pen icon next to it.

  4. Type in the new name of your choice.

  5. Confirm the change by hitting 'Enter' on your keyboard or clicking somewhere else.

    Note: you can cancel the change process by clicking on the 'X' next to the text box when typing in a new name.

  6. Done! Your profile now runs under the new name which will be seen by your colleagues when working together on your projects.

How to adjust the user name on your HoloBuilder account in the company dashboard

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