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HoloBuilder – Sphere Integration Help Center Article
HoloBuilder – Sphere Integration Help Center Article

Easily access your HoloBuilder account from within FARO Sphere and login through your FARO account to manage your HoloBuilder projects.

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As HoloBuilder gets deeper embedded into the FARO Technologies solution ecosystem, the first version of our integration into Sphere is the first step to connect HoloBuilder with the other solutions that FARO offers today.

The initial integration offers two key benefits:

  1. HoloBuilder Tile - Direct access from the Sphere Dashboard to HoloBuilder via the HoloBuilder Tile, making it easy for customers who use HoloBuilder to jump between the platforms.

  1. Single Sign On – Sphere users won’t need to remember multiple passwords and can simply “Sign in with FARO” on the HoloBuilder Login Page.

How to leverage the integration

Navigate to HoloBuilder from Sphere

  1. On the Sphere Dashboard, when logged in, click on the 'HoloBuilder Tile'.

    Sphere dashboard

  2. Select the region of your server solution used for your existing HoloBuilder account - choose between the EU server (.eu) and the US server (.com) solution.

    Selecting region used for existing HoloBuilder account

  3. Login with your credentials as usual or select one of our many Single Sign on Options.

    Note: Depending on which server solution you are on, the options might differ.

    Sign in HoloBuilder account

Login Via the Sphere Sigle Sign On

If you have previously created your account with the Sphere SSO option, you can simply sign in with a click of a button.

  1. On the HoloBuilder Login Page, select “Sign in with FARO”.

    Sign in with FARO

  2. Follow the sign in steps on the pop up that opens to log in with your FARO account on HoloBuilder

Note: You can also choose to sign up with the FARO login in case you are setting up a new account after being invited to HoloBuilder or when starting your new trial (see below).

Request a HoloBuilder Trial

If you don’t have a HoloBuilder Account yet or wish to sign in to an existing dashboard on HoloBuilder, you can easily request a trial from the HoloBuilder login page.

  1. On the HoloBuilder login page, select “Request Free Trial” at the bottom of the page instead of choosing your server option.

    Request HoloBuilder free trial

  2. Fill out your information for a HoloBuilder representative to get in touch with you.

    HoloBuilder form

  3. Done! A HoloBuilder representative will get in touch with you in due time to set up your HoloBuilder trial for you!

  4. Once complete you can return to Sphere or download one of the HoloBuilder E-Books to already get started with your HoloBuilder journey.

Support Requests

If you experience any issues with the HoloBuilder integration into Sphere, please contact or message us via the live chat on

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