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How to get started on the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API
How to get started on the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API

Make the most of the data that you capture by leveraging the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API

Written by Giancarlo Jimenez
Updated over a week ago

HoloBuilder/Sphere XG is ready to scale with you and your organization!

HoloBuilder API

Connect your internal tools to HoloBuilder/Sphere XG with our HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API

What is the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API?

The HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to take your HoloBuilder/Sphere XG usage even further:

  • Remove data silos by connecting HoloBuilder/Sphere XG to your internal tools and help your team unleash the full potential of your virtual jobsite.

  • With the current version of our API, you can access HoloBuilder/Sphere XG projects to import 360° photos, Point Cloud files, markups/annotations, tags, filters, sheets, waypoints, and more into your existing tools via code. This feature allows you to implement logic that can control which data to download and when.

  • That means, the API "reads" the data to inform other applications. Your team can write their own applications that make best use of this data.

What data can be accessed with the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API?

Currently, you can "read" and "write" information on a project level. The API has full access to the scene graph / project trees of your projects. The following information, among other, is currently available:

  • 360° image & point cloud files

  • markups/annotation information

  • categories & filters

  • sheets information

  • location information

  • and more

Note: In the current version of the API, no user information is available.

What are the use cases supported by the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API?

Powerful use cases include importing HoloBuilder/Sphere XG data straight into your GIS platforms or extracting tagged 360° photos into your in-house reporting tools:

  • Generate Custom Reports, e.g., with PowerBI

    As a HoloBuilder/Sphere XG Enterprise Customer using the API you can create reports by extracting the available project data from HoloBuilder/Sphere XG and pushing this directly into your reporting tool of choice for a more personalized reporting.

  • Integrate data into, e.g., GIS platforms
    As a HoloBuilder/Sphere XG Enterprise Customer using the API you can include your HoloBuilder/Sphere XG data into any GIS platforms you might be using for mapping your capture locations on a global scale.

  • Automated data import from a 3rd-party service
    An application running on a drone could for example capture new images regularly and add them using the API to a target project on a daily basis.

  • Automated data export to a 3rd-party service
    Generate regular reports or do regular data exports into another 3rd party system you own.

  • Security and compliance related monitoring and scripting of workflows
    E.g. you can regularly read all user lists in your company via the API to compare it to your internal user base and alert your compliance service.

How can you get access to the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API?

Request access in the Add-On section of your HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard, or contact your FARO/HoloBuilder representative to learn more about the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API Add-On and how to add this to your subscription today!


If you do not have a HoloBuilder or Sphere XG Dashboard yet, please find more information on the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG Enterprise Dashboard or reach out at


  • Can I also use the API to update my project in HoloBuilder/Sphere XG?

    Yes, the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API allows you to do dedicated edit operations on your project to modify or add new data.

  • Can I also "read" user information and if so, which information is available?
    No, as for now, the current HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API only allows to extract information about the projects you have on your HoloBuilder dashboard but nothing related to users. Please see above to learn more about what information is currently included.

  • Can anyone get access to the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API?
    Yes, if you agree with the requirements, you can get access to the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API. The API is an add-on that can be purchased. For more information on the costs, please check with your FARO/HoloBuilder representative.

  • Is there a trial for the HoloBuilder/Sphere XG API?
    No, as for now, there is no trial option to test the API functionalities. After the qualification with our team, you can get access to the technical documentation to review but no test implementation is available.

  • How do the Authentication Mechanisms work when using the API?
    The central mechanism for automated processes to make use of our APIs are service accounts which are accounts in Sphere XG that behave in most places exactly as a normal user account and that the automated system can use to authenticate against our services. The service account as a normal user account has permissions on resources, for example it can have only write permission on a single project or for other use cases you might decide to give the service account read permissions on his entire company so that the service account can monitor and access all projects (but not modify them).

  • Are there any usage examples of the API to explain the complex workflows in more detail?
    Yes, there is a dedicated code repository you will be invited to that contains executable code examples to serve as reference for common scenarios you might want to implement. These examples serve both as documentation and as executable tests that you can run on your own data and adopt to your use cases.

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