With your HoloBuilder account you can be part of multiple workspaces where you have different access rights and responsibilities. Flexibly jump from one HoloBuilder workspace to the next :

  • If you are working collaboratively in a joint venture of multiple GCs or with multiple subcontractors for different GCs, you can now work together via multiple Workspaces and accessing those at the same time with only your one HoloBuilder account!

  • You also have your own Workspace for your personal projects, which can come in very handy when testing out new things.

Logging in to a workspace

You will see all of your currently available Workspaces when signing in to HoloBuilder via https://workspace.holobuilder.com.

Switching your workspace

Whenever you are logged into one workspace in your HoloBuilder Dashboard or in the web editor, you can easily switch to another workspace at any time.

  • In the dashboard, click on your company name and select "Change Workspace".

  • In the web editor, click on your user name in the upper right corner and then select "Switch Workspace" from the drop-down menu.

You will be forwarded to the page https://workspace.holobuilder.com where you can select the workspace you want to switch to.
Alternatively, you can also directly open the link https://workspace.holobuilder.com/switch if you have it bookmarked.

Note: Before changing the workspace, make sure to save your progress if you have any unsaved changes.

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