When working with 360 Markups in the HoloBuilder Web Editor, the 360 MarkupList is a handy additional feature that allows you to organize your Markups.

How to find the Markup list

1. In the HoloBuilder Web Editor, open the Markups menu. You can find it in the panel on the right-hand side of your screen, marked by a pen icon.

2. The menu panel will expand, offering various options for creating and working with Markups.

Note: If you are not familiar with working with 360 Markups, please read this tutorial first. It will give you a general overview of the feature.

3. To open the 360 MarkupList, select the last item in the expanded 360 Markup menu.

4. At the bottom of your screen, a list of all 360 Markups of the entire project will appear. It gives you detailed information on each 360 Markup, e.g. the title, its location, when it was created, etc (see image below).

Using the 360 MarkupList

There are different options to interact with the 360 Markup list to get the information you seek.

Searching the 360 MarkupList

Right above the list, you can see a search bar. This way, you can search for specific 360 Markups, without having to go through the entire list one by one.

You can search the list either by a term used in the 360 Markup name or in the description/information, a sheet name, or scene name.

Sorting the 360 MarkupList

The list can be sorted ascending/descending for each of the available columns either alphabetically or chronologically depending on which column the list gets sorted by.

Click on the little up- or downward-facing arrow at the right side of a column to sort the list accordingly to the entries in this column.

Edit a 360 Markup

When hovering over a list entry for a 360 Markup, click on the little pen icon appearing to edit the 360 Markup. A modal will open to allow you to edit the 360 Markup.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the position of the 360 Markup and right-click the 360 Markup in the scene to select 'Edit' from the context menu.

Open a 360 Markup's position

If you would like to open the location at which a certain 360 Markup is located, just click on the 360 Markup in the list and you will automatically jump to the respective 360° image in the Web Editor.

Exporting the 360 MarkupList as a CSV file

On the right-hand side, you can find a small icon of a table with a downward arrow. This button allows you to export your entire 360 MarkupList as a csv. file. For

For more information on how to export your 360 MarkupList, please refer to this article.

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