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How to increase the accuracy of the HoloBuilder Wall Measurements
How to increase the accuracy of the HoloBuilder Wall Measurements

Learn how you can make the best of the Wall Measurement feature in the HoloBuilder Web Editor and measure as accurately as possible.

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The HoloBuilder Wall Measurement feature allows an entirely new way of digitally measuring walls with an accuracy level of 90-100%, depending on different factors. In order to ensure accurate measurements, there are a few things that need to be considered while taking the pictures for later measurement.

Therefore, we compiled a list with tips to improve measurement accuracy:

1. Know the height of your camera lens:

 It is possible to do these wall measurements from a single photo if the height of the camera lens above the floor is known. Always make sure you know the height of the camera (lens) on your tripod when taking the 360° images.

According to the defined image height, we can calculate the measures of any marked objects in a 360° scene.

Measuring height of camera lens

2. Always work with a tripod:

To position your camera accurately, make sure to use a tripod which allows you to fixate a certain height and level the camera to be parallel to the floor. When, e.g., using a DSLR camera, the lens needs to stay on the same heights for all images. Otherwise, the measurements will not be very accurate.

Guide to measure height with tripod

3. Capture images in rooms with flat floors and equal height:

At the moment, it is only possible to measure any objects or other aspects in a 360° scene that are in a 90° relation to the floor (e.g. walls, windows, doors, beams etc.). Make sure the room you want to insert the wall measurements in has a flat floor with an equal height.
If the floor has a different height in some areas, the in the editor specified height will not apply there and any measurements will become inaccurate. Furthermore, for the calculations of a wall, there needs to be a visible intersection of the real wall and the floor with a 90° angle. Otherwise, it will not be possible to place the virtual wall correctly on which the measurements are placed. 

Guide to capture images in room with flat floors

4. Adjust the capturing point to size of measured object:

The larger the object the further away the measurements still have a high accuracy. For smaller objects on the other hand, you also need to have the capturing point closer: Measurements of a door should be fairly accurate with distances of standard room sizes. A house can also be measured accurately from a 30m distance.
So: the bigger the object to be measured, the further away the camera can be placed while also ensuring accurate measurements. 

If you want to learn, how to use the wall measurement feature in the Web Editor, find this tutorial in our Help Center to guide you step by step.

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