NOTE: In order to be able to use the Wall Measurements feature, you will need to know the exact height of the camera while capturing. Please check with the corresponding project manager.

With the Wall Measurement feature, you can create measurements on predefined walls. This feature can be used either to add permanent measurements in a 360 image or only temporary measures as a viewer:

  • Save permanent measurements to a 360 scene in the web editor - learn more

  • Add temporary measurements in a 360 scene in the web viewer - see below.

NOTE: Wall Measurements in viewing mode can be used by any user that can at least access the project to view on private as well as unlisted projects.

Setting up the Wall Measurements in the HoloBuilder Web Viewer

NOTE: All measurements made in the viewing mode will not be saved to the project - they will be removed once the browser tab is closed or reloaded.

Open the shared project link to view the project:

  1. Find the menu bar on the right side of the screen.

  2. Select the menu option Measure - a sub-menu opens (see screenshot below)

Note: If you are new to using the Measurements, a short introductory tutorial will open. Review if needed.

3. Select the 360 scene that you would like to add the measurements on.

4. Rotate the scene to face in the direction you would like to add the measurements in.

5. Check and adjust the measurement settings - make sure you have the correct camera height set.

IMPORTANT: Having the exact height of the camera above the floor (distance floor to the camera lens) is required for accurate results.

6. In the selected view of the 360 scene, start by defining a wall area where the measurements should be placed on.

6.1 Select the Add Wall option from the submenu.

6.2 Click on the intersection point of the floor with the wall.

6.3 In a straight line, click on a second intersection point of the floor with the wall.

6.4 Choose a position that is orthogonally placed above the previous intersection point (ideally the intersection point of the wall with the ceiling - depending on the room height).

7. Once the area for the measurements is defined as wall and limited at the top and bottom, it needs to also be trimmed on the sides. Choose the Trim Wall option from the submenu.

7.1 Click on the right of the highlighted wall area to trim until that position.

7.2 Click on the left of the highlighted wall area to trim the other end.

8. Once the wall was trimmed on the sides and only the relevant area is still highlighted, you can start with the measurements.

Measuring in the HoloBuilder Web Viewer

Once you have set up the wall measurements in the Web Viewer, you can now start with measuring specific areas.

1. In the submenu, make sure that you have selected the Measure option, marked by a ruler icon. Your cursor should now have a little red dot at the tip indicating that you are now ready to select an area to measure.

2. Within the marked area, you can measure anything, such as doors, windows, etc., even angular, diagonal distances. Just select two points as start and endpoint of your measurement and it will be added as a red line, including its length.

NOTE: You can switch between the different unit systems in the measurement settings. Open the settings with the cog icon to change the system:

3. Added measurements can be deleted by right-clicking the corresponding measurement and selecting Remove Measurement from the context menu.

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