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How to animate objects in your HoloBuilder project
How to animate objects in your HoloBuilder project

Learn more on how objects in your HoloBuilder project can be animated to draw more attention to them.

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If you want an object in your HoloBuilder project to stand out more, you can animate it in the web editor in order highlight a specific object that is very important and/or easily overlooked in the HoloViewer. 

Add any object to your 360 scene to animate it - learn more.

Animate an object

  1. In the Web Editor, click on the object that you would like to animate. The Modify menu on the right side of your screen will open up. 

  2. There you can modify several different properties of the object. The little camera icon stands for animation. Click the symbol and another submenu will open to the left.

  3. Now you can decide in which way you want your object to move. There are several different choices, like Move Sideways, Pirouette or Pulsate.
    Click the movement of your choice and the animation will be added to the object.

    Please note that the animation will not show in the Web Editor, only when switching to the Web Viewer to avoid any discomfort during further editing.

Animate an object in Web Editor

   4. Switch to the "Preview" mode by clicking on the button in the upper right corner           to check how the animation looks.

View animations

If you look at the object in the HoloViewer now, the object will move in the way you just appointed to it. 

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