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How to add a watermark in HoloBuilder
How to add a watermark in HoloBuilder

Learn how to create a watermark for your project in the Web Editor.

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In the HoloBuilder Web Editor, you have several customization options which allow you, among others, to add personalized watermarks to your entire HoloBuilder project. It will project customized text into your scenes.

Note: This feature can only be enabled by Enterprise Admins (EA), Group Managers (GM), Project Managers (PM), Project Owners and Project Admins (PA).

Adding a watermark

1. First, open your project in the HoloBuilder Web Editor

2. In the center of the top menu bar in your Web Editor, open the Project Properties by clicking on the pencil icon or the project name in general:

Open project settings in HoloBuilder Web Editor

3. A new window with all project settings will open in the Editor. Find the submenu Customize and click on it.
Now, a series of customization options are available to you to adjust the project view and features according to your preferences.

Custom options for custom watermark

4. To create a custom watermark, click on the toggle switch next to the setting           option Enable Custom Watermark and change it from OFF to ON.
Advanced settings for the watermark will appear underneath the setting option. 

5. Enter your personalized text for the watermark in the text field. 

Enable custom watermark settings

6. Once you have decided on what the Custom Watermark should say, click on SAVE CHANGES in the lower right corner of the options window to make your changes permanent. 

7. Now, your custom watermark will be visible at the top as well as the bottom of every scene in the Web Editor as well as the Web Viewer when sharing projects. 

Custom watermark visible in Web Editor & Viewer

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