With the HoloBuilder plugin for Naviswork, there are different options to add renderings from your Naviswork model to the HoloBuilder project:

  • Install the HoloBuilder plugin for Naviswork - learn more
  • Create a new HoloBuilder project starting from within Naviswork - learn more
  • Add a sheet and 360 views from Naviswork to an existing HoloBuilder project - learn more
  • Add only 360 views (no sheet view) from a 3D model to an existing HoloBuilder project - learn more
  • Add 360 views from Naviswork for the waypoints of an existing HoloBuilder project - see below
  • Set the right camera height for generating your 360 views - learn more


If you already have a HoloBuilder project including the sheets & waypoints or location markers, you can aligne the sheets of the project with the Nasvisworks sheet views. This will automatically generate 360 views accoridng to the location markers or waypoint positions in your 3D model and upload these to the existing sheets of the selected HoloBuilder project. 

Note: Make sure to have the HoloBuilder Add-In for Navisworks installed correctly. To confirm the successful installation, check for the “Export Add-Ins 1” section in your Navisworks working environment including the HoloBuilder toolset.

There are 3 main steps in Navisworks to create and upload 360 views of your 3D model to the locations of an existing HoloBuilder project:

  1. In HoloBuilder: Have a project including sheet files with 360 images already added for progress capturing. Alternatively, have the locations marked with the location marker tool on the sheet for image capturing with the JobWalk Planner.
  2. Add sheet views in Naviswork: Specify the sheet(s)/floor plan(s) from the 3D model to be used for linking the Navisworks area and the sheet of the HoloBuilder project.
  3. Link to a HoloBuilder sheet in Naviswork: Choose an existing HoloBuilder project and align a chosen Naviswork sheet view with a sheet of the project.

    Note: Make sure that the sheets used for the HoloBuilder project have already waypoints or location markers attached to them. This step will automatically generate the 360 views for the waypoints in your HoloBuilder project.
  4. Export 360 view for the existing waypoints: Generate the actual 360 views for the predefined locations and export these renderings to the locations/waypoints in the HoloBuilder project.
  5. Optional - View/edit project in HoloBuilder: Arrange the locations of the new waypoints for the imported 360 views on your sheets in the web editor or with the JobWalk app, and share and view your project in the web viewer.

Please note that this tutorial is to upload 360 Navisworks views to an existing HoloBuilder project with sheets including 360 waypoints or location markers. To create a completely new project from within your HoloBuilder Navisworks Plug-In, please follow this tutorial.

- 1. Creating a sheet view -

1. Open Navisworks and load your Autodesk Navisworks project with the 3D view that you want to upload into HoloBuilder.

2. Specify the area for your sheet(s):

  • Define the area for your sheet view with the 'Box' toolset in the 'Sectioning tools'. Learn more on how to set a sheet view here.

3. Add the defined sheet view as HB (HoloBuilder) sheet from the "Export Add-Ins 1" in the menu bar.

4. Repeat the above for all the floors/sections that you want to export to HoloBuilder as sheets.

Note: When you are finished creating all “Sheet Views”, you will find them in the “Saved Viewpoints” sidebar in the “HB Sheets” folder.

- 2. Link sheet view to HoloBuilder Sheet -

1. When you have created at least one - ideally all - “Sheet Viewpoints” that you like to link to a HoloBuilder sheet, click on the “Link to HoloBuilder sheet” button in the HoloBuilder Add-In section within Navisworks.

2. Select the first “Sheet Viewpoint” you want to upload to align with one of your HoloBuilder project's sheets and click "Next".

Important: Please note that if you have multiple sheets you want to link, you need to link these in individual processes.

3. HoloBuilder Portal opens to link the projects:

  • Sign in to your HoloBuilder account in the portal.
  • Choose a HoloBuilder project from the projects list to upload the 360 views to. A list with the related sheets opens on the right side.
  • Choose an existing sheet from the selected HoloBuilder project to upload the 360 views to.
  • Align the sheet from your HoloBuilder project with the sheet view from your Navisworks project.
    1. Transparency:  Decrease & increase the image transparency to better align the HoloBuilder sheet and the 360 sheet view.
    2. Rotate: Turn the HoloBuilder sheet if necessary to match the orientation of the sheet view from Navisworks.
    3. Scale: Decrease or increase the size of the HoloBuilder sheet to match the 360 sheet view from Navisworks and provide a good overlay.
  • Select "Apply" to confirm your alignment.

4. Navisworks generates 360° views where waypoints were on the sketch. These views show up in the Viewpoint menu of Navisworks.

Note: Check the 360 viewpoints in the list to make sure everything was generated correctly.

Note: in order to link more sheets, please first export your current status to the HoloBuilder project to reduce the duration of the upload.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 to link and generate 360 views for multiple sheets of a HoloBuilder project.

- 3. Export project from Navisworks to HoloBuilder -

1. When all “360 Viewpoints” have been generated according to the waypoints for each of the sheets of the linked HoloBuilder project, click on the “Export to HoloBuilder” button in the HoloBuilder Add-In section.

2. IMPORTANT! Deselect all the “Sheet Viewpoints” as you won't need them in your project export - you can basically skip this step.

3. Select the “360 Viewpoints”  that you want to upload to a sheet of your HoloBuilder project from the list.

4. HoloBuilder Uploader opens to manage the export:

  • Sign in to your HoloBuilder account in the uploader.
  • Choose a HoloBuilder project from the projects list to upload the 360 views to (same project as you used before for linking the sheets)

    Please note that if you export your project directly after generating the 360 views, you will not need to choose the HoloBuilder project again to which you want to add the 360 views. You will automatically get to the "Set Label" screen (last screen below).
  • Add a label to tag the Navisworks 360 renderings - e.g. - in your project. You can later use this to filter your project. 
  • Wait for the upload to hit 100%: All your 360 Viewpoints will be uploaded as TimeTravels to the waypoints of the previously linked sheets of the selected HoloBuilder project. You will find the 360° Views placed on the Sheets inside the HoloBuilder Web Viewer that opens up.
  • Edit the project in the Web Editor or JobWalk App.

Edit the project

An exported Navisworks project can be edited like any other project in HoloBuilder with both, the web editor as well as the JobWalk app. Simply log into your HoloBuilder account to access the project on your PC or download it to your mobile device to continue capturing progress with the JobWalk app.

View the HoloBuilder project

Once the upload of the exported Navisworks project was completed, you can view the project directly in the browser. View, share, and navigate the project through the waypoints on the sheets or the Project Panel on the left side of the screen.

Once you have added TimeTravel scenes, you can also use SplitScreen to compare your 360° rendering from Navisworks with the real-life captures of the site.

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