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How to capture with HoloBuilder VideoMode in the JobWalk App
How to capture with HoloBuilder VideoMode in the JobWalk App

Use the fastest and most seamless capture method yet with HoloBuilder VideoMode to speed up your documentation flow.

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Let's get ready to speed up your capturing progress

Combining the highest levels of speed, convenience, and accuracy the HoloBuilder VideoMode feature in the JobWalk App allows you to document your site with minimal effort. Walk the site, and let VideoMode do the rest.

HoloBuilder VideoMode

VideoMode is a capturing method that allows you to simply walk the jobsite while your 360° camera captures the site, without you having to take each photo individually. Simply set up the VideoMode on the JobWalk App, locate yourself on the floor plan and VideoMode takes care of the rest.

The VideoMode feature analyzes the captured 360° video and automatically organizes the corresponding 360° photos on your floor plan, creating a dense net of documentation.

With this, the VideoMode feature allows you to walk the site without stopping or interacting with your phone and increasing the quantity of 360° photos taken, and the speed of your capturing experience with HoloBuilder.

As VideoMode is a HoloBuilder add-on that might not be included in your current subscription, you might not have access to this feature.

Please contact your trusted HoloBuilder contact or reach out to our support team at if you are interested in learning more about getting access to this feature.

Getting started with HoloBuilder VideoMode

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Supported 360° cameras for VideoMode

In the JobWalk App:

  • Ricoh Theta X

  • Insta360 OneX (min. firmware 1.18.43)

  • Insta360 X2 (min. firmware: 1.0.59)

  • Insta360 X3 (min. firmware: 1.0.35)

More cameras, like the Ricoh Theta Z1 and other will be supported in the future.

Preparing for your jobwalk with VideoMode

Get your project ready on the app:

  1. Start the JobWalk App and download/update an existing project OR create a new project.

  2. Add a new floor plan/sheet OR select an existing sheet of the project.

  3. Tap on the sheet to open the sheet map/floor plan.


To get started, please always make sure to have the newest version of the JobWalk App downloaded to your mobile Android or iOS device and log in with your HoloBuilder Account.

Activating VideoMode

  1. Tap on the Video-Icon on the right side of the map and choose
    'Add New 360 Video'.


    You may get the warning that your device does not meet the technical requirements for the VideoMode feature. We recommend that your device has at least 64GB of storage space to maximize the success of this feature.

  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the camera you are using and follow the instructions shown for connecting your mobile device with the camera.

  3. Optional: After connecting the Camera for the first time, you have to choose your HDR setting:

    • HDR Off is recommended for fast image taking without tripod.

    • HDR On is recommended for higher image quality, when a tripod is used.


When capturing to an existing project, please make sure to have your HoloBuilder project downloaded/updated before connecting to the camera as you will need to be connected to the internet for the download.

How to capture with VideoMode

Best Practice:

Capture smaller videos of max. 15 mins for different areas.

This will help to keep a better overview of the processed areas, avoid errors and increase the accuracy for the linking to the sheet. You'll always see the duration of the recording displayed at the top of the screen.

Once you have connected the camera to the JobWalk App via your mobile device, you can start making use of the new VideoMode feature:

  1. Start the recording:

    1. First, name your new 360° Video Recording before capturing to get a better overview later when adding multiple recordings to a single sheet.

      Type in a name and tap on OK to save the name.


    2. Next, select your starting position on the sheet - Tap on the position on the sheet where you are currently located. You will see a blue marker appear to indicate your selection.

      You can tap on a different location or drag it to adjust the position.


      Please make sure to select your exact starting position to allow an accurate capturing and mapping of the 360° photos on the sheet.

      Select start position

    3. Hold the 360° camera above your head and tap on Start Recording in the JobWalk app on your mobile device to start your video. You can hold the camera in your hand, on a monopod or similar accessory.

  2. Capturing the site in VideoMode:

    1. You are now in VideoMode and can start walking the site.

      Make sure to keep the camera in position and avoid covering any side of the camera during your whole capture.


      You can also turn off the screen and store your phone in your pocket during this process.

    2. If there are any existing waypoints/Location Marker on your sheet, the images will be linked to these as TimeTravels for progress captures or new 360 images on Location Markers if close-by.

      It is highly recommended that the video length does not exceed 15 minutes. The best practice would be to split up your walks into shorter separated tours to better control, capture and upload the documentation.
      The total length of the recorded video is shown after you complete the JobWalk.

      It is ok to lose the WiFi connection between your mobile device and the 360° camera (e.g. by going too far away from the camera with the mobile device) during the capturing process. Simply continue walking and reconnect the camera when you are done.

      In VideoMode

  3. Ending a video capture

    1. Once you have reached your destination, press End Recording on your mobile device.

    2. Select 'I am done' to finish the recording - The camera will not stop recording until you confirm to end your JobWalk by tapping on 'I'm done'.

      If you are not done with capturing in this video session, you can also return to your recording to continue the capturing in this session with 'Not yet'.

      Finished and end JobWalk

    3. Once you completed your recording with I'am done, select your exact end position on the sheet to complete the JobWalk.

      The end point should not be the exact same or too close to the starting point - make sure to end your walk at least 10 feet / 3m apart from the starting point indicated. Remember that the end position is roughly where your last image will be placed and you do not need to have another image on your starting position.

    4. The video will be transferred to the mobile device to connect with the project.


      Make sure that you do not turn off the camera or disconnect it before the video has been completely transferred to the JobWalk app. If the camera was disconnected during the capturing process, make sure to reconnect it before proceeding to the transferring of the video.

      Transferring video

Uploading your video captures

Once a recording has been completed, you can choose to capture another or connect to a WiFi to upload your progress.

  1. Option 1: You can now 'Upload and process' the Video

  2. Option 2: Directly 'Add another 360° Video', e.g. to capture individual areas on the same level separately or add more recordings on other sheets - repeat the recording process as described above.

  3. Option 3: Continue editing your project in the JobWalk app, e.g. by adding more recordings on other sheets with 'Return to sheet'.

    Upload and process

  1. Make sure to connect to a WiFi network.

  2. By tapping on Upload & process, the JobWalk app will begin to upload the video to your sheet and project in the cloud. The estimated time remaining is displayed.


    Please make sure not to disconnect from the WiFi, minimize the app or turn off the mobile screen

    before the upload of the video to the cloud was completed. This will help to ensure that the uploading process does not cancel.

    Uploading video

  3. Once the upload is finished, your video gets processed in the cloud to create your waypoints on the sheet and connect the images. You will receive an Email notification when the processing is completed.


    This processing can take up to 24 hours depending on how large the video or even multiple videos are. You will not be able to see the updates in the cloud until the video has been processed.

Additional Options

  • Capture multiple videos per floor plan: When VideoMode is activated, you can add as many separate videos as needed to capture your site according to your requirements - Use the button "Add 360 video" and repeat the same process as described above.

  • Delete a video recording: When VideoMode is activated, tap on the three dots next to one of the listed video and select "Delete Video" - Important: You cannot undo the deletion of a video.

  • Upload a video: When VideoMode is activated, tap on the three dots next to one of the listed video and select "Upload Video" - requires a WiFi connection.

  • Looking at your documentation in the Web Editor: You can finally open your project from the HoloBuilder Dashboard in the Sphere Viewer and Web Editor once you have received an Email that the processing is completed. You will see a large amount of Waypoints created for you indicating the path of your recording. Additionally, all 360 images will be linked automatically for an interactive tour.

HoloBuilder dashboard UI
  • Tagging & Categorization: Each newly added 360 images that was captured with VideoMode will automatically get tagged for you to filter and review on in the JobWalk app or on the Web Editor for further use with "VideoMode"

  • Based on this you can filter in the Web Editor for images added via VideoMode.

Filter for images added via VideoMode

Best Practices for VideoMode in the JobWalk app

Hardware Setup

  • Have your 360 camera fully charged

  • Have your 360 camera’s firmware on the most recent supported version

  • Have the JobWalk App up to date to the most recent version

  • Ideally, your mobile device has at least 64GB of storage space available

  • Ideally, your 360 camera has at least 64GB of storage space available

Capture Setup & Planning

  • Capture (multiple) smaller videos of max. 10 minutes at a time.

  • Only capture one floor at a time in a video, i.e., don't move between floors in the same video capture but stop the recording before you move to the next sheet to start a new recording.

  • The video endpoint should not be the exact same or too close to the starting point (10ft+ apart). In opposite corners (diagonally) on the floor plan is even better.

  • Consider the light conditions and provide extra light sources for dark environments as the video capturing mode of the camera might struggle with the low or changing light conditions.

  • Capture progress by simply walking the same path roughly that your previous waypoints had been placed on the sheet - keep in mind that the video sequence might add additional waypoints capturing new locations and increase your overall image volume.

Additional Information

  • Upload times can be lengthy due to different variables (File size, Device's processing speed, Wifi, etc.), so keep that in mind before beginning upload.

    • Once upload has started, do not disconnect from the internet, minimize the app, or turn off the mobile screen

  • Capture path drift may occur.

    • This is when the route recorded does not perfectly align with the floor plan as traveled. In the Web Editor you will find additional options allowing you to manually correct any drift of your uploaded path - Learn more here.

  • Device Overheating

    • We have not experienced this as an issue, but out of caution, monitor the temperature of your devices periodically to help ensure they do not overheat.

  • Progress documentation

    • To document progress (“TimeTravel images”) with VideoMode, simply records your video as usual. If the waypoint is 6 feet (~2m) within the proximity of an existing other waypoint on the floor plan, it gets added as a TimeTravel instead of a new Waypoint.

Need more help?

You can always reach us via email at, use the live chat feature in the bottom right corner, or simply contact your HoloBuilder representative.

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