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How to use VideoMode in HoloBuilder - An overview
How to use VideoMode in HoloBuilder - An overview
Find an overview of all the functionalities & useful tricks HoloBuilder VideoMode BETA has to offer with the related tutorials.
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Combining the highest levels of speed, convenience, and accuracy, HoloBuilder's VideoMode BETA allows you to document your site with minimal effort. Walk the site, and let VideoMode do the rest.

VideoMode BETA is a capturing method that allows you to simply walk the jobsite while your 360° camera captures the site, without you having to take each photo individually. The VideoMode feature analyzes the captured 360° Video and automatically organizes the corresponding 360° photos on your floor plan, creating a dense net of documentation.

With this, the VideoMode feature allows you to walk the site without stopping or interacting with your phone and increasing the quantity of 360° photos taken, and the speed of your capturing experience with HoloBuilder.


VideoMode was released as BETA for now.

As VideoMode is a HoloBuilder add-on that might not be included in your current subscription, you might not have access to this feature.

Please contact your trusted HoloBuilder contact or reach out to our support team at if you are interested in learning more about getting access to this feature.

All the related Tutorials in an overview

How to capture with HoloBuilder VideoMode BETA in the JobWalk App

  • With a simple tap on a button within the HoloBuilder JobWalk app, you can document the entire jobsite.

    VideoMode captures a frame every few seconds and adds them automatically to the floor plan as 360° photos, creating a dense net of documentation that leaves no gaps.

How to work with VideoMode BETA in the Web Editor

  • In addition to capturing with VideoMode BETA in the JobWalk app, there is also further processing in the Web Editor. Categorize and filter your HoloBuilder project and also adjust all waypoints associated with a single VideoMode path in seconds with the VideoMode path adjustment tool.


You can always reach us via email at, use the live chat feature in the bottom right corner or simply contact your go-to HoloBuilder representative.

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