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The HoloBuilder SplitScreen feature helps you compare two different 360° images with each other. As for now, it can be used to compare two TimeTravel scenes, meaning the comparison of two different points in time, accessible through the TimeTravel feature.

The two 360° images will be displayed as if having two HoloBuilder player windows combined in one, which can be rotated independently as well as synchronously. Thus, you can easily compare construction progress and specific details of two different dates on which you captured your site.

The SplitScreen view is accessible on your computer and your tablet directly in the HoloBuilder web player. It will not show on smaller screens due to the limited area on the small screen which might make any interacting with the split view too difficult.

2 Enabling the SplitScreen view in the HoloBuilder web player

Open a project with at least two TimeTravel scenes in a scene in the web player on your desktop or tablet. Click on the small compare icon next to the timestamp in the TimeTravel selection bar on the left side of the screen. The view on the screen splits to show two scenes, each with its individual TimeTravel selection bar.

3 Switching the scenes in SplitScreen

Switching between different TimeTravel scenes as well as locations on your sheet works the same as always:

3.1 Selecting different TimeTravel scenes

Click on either TimeTravel selection bar to open the corresponding drop-down menu. Select any of the timestamps in the drop-down menu to switch to another TimeTravel scene on this side of the SplitScreen. Proceed likewise on the other side of the SplitScreen if desired to select another time.

3.2 Switching the location with the floor plan

When switching between different rooms on the floor plan, both sides of the SplitScreen will be set to the time of the TimeTravel scene on the left. Proceed as above and select any other TimeTravel scenes for the new location as you prefer.

4 Action objects in SplitScreen

As for now, all action object and other objects will be hidden when in the SplitScreen view. Return to the normal player view by once again clicking the compare icon in the TimeTravel selection bar on the left to show all action objects and alike again in your scenes.

5 Rotating both 360° images simultaneously

On both sides of the SplitScreen, you can rotate with the scenes independently from each other to focus on different aspects of the scenes. Click in either scene and drag to rotate it to the area that you want to focus on for your comparison.

When you have arranged both scenes in a way that you can compare them properly, you can lock the view to move them simultaneously with the button ‘Lock View ‘ at the bottom of the screen. Now, when dragging a scene on one side of the screen, the other scene will rotate the same way to keep the same focus.

Click the button at the bottom again to release the lock and move both scenes independently again.

If you still have questions or would like to suggest an addition to the feature that would make your life much easier, please send us an email at support@holobuilder.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you 👷‍

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