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How to work with HoloBuilder in Microsoft Teams

This article shows you how to connect your HoloBuilder Dashboard & Editor with the MS Teams App.

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If you and your team members are working with the Microsoft (MS) Teams App to communicate digitally, there is a quick and easy way to integrate HoloBuilder and make remote working on a HoloBuilder project in collaboration with your team easier than ever before.

NOTE: If you signed up to HoloBuilder using an OAuth option, such as your Autodesk credentials, please log in to HoloBuilder first using a separate tab in MS Teams before accessing the project.

Linking your Microsoft Teams Account with your HoloBuilder project

Note: If you already set up the connection once before, you can simply access this same tab again and again within your MS Teams environment - no need to set up the connection again each time.

Link your HoloBuilder directly from within the MS Teams app:

1. Open your Teams App and go to the Team in which you want to work with HoloBuilder.

2. In the upper panel, next to the team name and all added tabs, click on the + icon. This allows you to add a new tab.

3. A dialog will open with all app and file options that you can add as a tab - Find the Website option and click on it.

Link Microsoft Teams with Holobuilder

4. In the next step, enter a title for the new tab, eg. "HoloBuilder".

5. Now, add the link of your HoloBuilder project - Enter the URL for your project copied from, e.g., the Web Editor:

Note: Make sure to copy the full link and not cut off anything. You can also use any link from the share options or copy them directly from the address bar when viewing the project.

6. Click Save to create your HoloBuilder tab in Teams.

Website field information

7. The linked HoloBuilder project will now be available for you to access directly in Microsoft Teams.

Working with your HoloBuilder project in Microsoft Teams

Once the connection to your HoloBuilder project was established and the HoloBuilder tab was saved, you will be able to access this project anytime - no repeated linking within the selected MS Teams environment is required.

NOTE: For private projects and project editing, it is required to log in to your HoloBuilder account. If you signed up to HoloBuilder using an OAuth option, such as Autodesk, please login in an extra tab in MS Teams.

  • Secure Access: Enter your login info when you first use the linked HoloBuilder tab.

    Note: Your credentials will be saved and you do not need to re-enter them every time you look at the project.

  • Full Flexibility: HoloBuilder projects can be accessed on the desktop as well as the MS Teams mobile app.

  • Easy Insights: Share a HoloBuilder project while on a Microsoft Teams call.

  • Joint Control: Give remote control of a project via Teams. The cursors of your Team members are visible to you in the call and are each marked with the respective profile picture. This way you can navigate through the project together.

  • Shared Collaboration: Add Markups during an MS Teams call or let your meeting partner do it via remote control.

Working with HoloBuilder project in Microsoft Teams

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