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How to use the HoloBuilder integration in Microsoft Teams
How to use the HoloBuilder integration in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to add the HoloBuilder app in Microsoft Teams to directly include your HoloBuilder project in the MS Teams interface.

Written by Giancarlo Jimenez
Updated over a week ago

In case you and your teammates work and communicate digitally using the Microsoft (MS) Teams app, there is a new quick and easy way to integrate HoloBuilder. This makes working remotely on a HoloBuilder project in collaboration with your team easier than ever. By adding a HoloBuilder tab to the top of a channel you will be able to view a particular project in 360°, with an experience similar to the HoloBuilder Web Viewer, right within Microsoft Teams.

Note: Alternatively, you can also add a link to your channel with the website URL of your HoloBuilder project which will also allow you to edit the project if needed.

How to integrate HoloBuilder with MS Teams:

  1. Open your Teams App and go to the Team in which you want to work with HoloBuilder.

  2. In the upper panel, next to the team name and all added tabs, click on the + icon. This allows you to add a new tab.

    The + icon on team's tab
  3. Go to Search and type in "HoloBuilder". Then select the correct app.


    Two variants, US server, and EU server, of the HoloBuilder app, will be suggested to you. Make sure to choose the app according to the HoloBuilder server solution you currently use (you can see this when accessing your account and checking if it is or

    HoloBuilder app search result
  4. Add the HoloBuilder app to your team.

    Add HoloBuilder app to a team

5. Finally, you will be asked to insert the ID of the project you want to integrate. You can find the corresponding project ID in the project details in your HoloBuilder dashboard.


Simply click on the ID in the dashboard. The ID will automatically be copied to the clipboard to simplify the following paste into MS Teams - Learn more here.

HoloBuilder project details

6. Paste the copied project ID into the tab and click the Save button to finish the configuration.

HoloBuilder app configuration


You have now successfully integrated your HoloBuilder project into your MS Teams channel.

HoloBuilder project integration into MS Teams channel

You can see the site progress in 360° and use all viewing tools like SplitScreen right next to your other documents and communication.
It streamlines your workflows, eliminates the need to switch between different applications, and is an easy way to spread information about site progress within your team. Providing your stakeholders — operations, finance, safety, owners, VDC, architects, trade partners, inspectors, and investors — with remote access to your construction sites has never been easier.

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