How to retrieve the HoloBuilder project ID

A project id is necessary to e.g. embed your HoloBuilder project as a MS Teams 3rd-party App, read here how to obtain a project id

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There are two different ways of obtaining your HoloBuilder project ID which can be used for different purposes, such as embedding your project in Procore, Autodesk BIM 360, or Cloud as well as Microsoft Teams.

The fastest way would be Option 1.

Option 1: Obtaining the project ID from the Dashboard

  1. Log into your HoloBuilder Dashboard and select your project from the active project list. 

  2. The project ID can now be found in the Project Information.

  3. With a click on the project ID, it is copied directly into the clipboard.

Option 2: Obtaining the project ID from the Web Editor 

  1. Log into the HoloBuilder Web Editor and open the according to project. 

    • The project ID will be displayed in the URL as the numbers behind p=
      (see highlighted area in the image below).

  2. Simply copy the project ID from the URL as you are used to in order to, e.g., connect your HoloBuilder project as a Procore iframe (learn more).

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