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Are you running the latest version of the Web Editor?
Are you running the latest version of the Web Editor?

Learn more on how to determine whether you are running the latest version of the Web Editor.

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Some issues that you might experience with the HoloBuilder Web Editor might be due to the fact that you are running an old version of the Editor that since it has been updated.

Most of the time, the Web Editor updates without you even realizing it. In some occasions, there might still be some former versions or fragments cached in your browser cache to prevent this.

Check whether you are running the latest version

  1. Please open the Web Editor in your browser.

  2. Login to your account.

  3. Click the HoloBuilder logo in the upper left corner of your screen. A dropdown menu will appear.

  4. The version number that you are currently running is displayed at the bottom of the dropdown.

    In this example, it is e.g. "42edd95".

Finding the version number of HoloBuiilder Web Editor

The version in the screenshot merely serves as an example and does not necessarily show the version you are running or the latest version.

5. Now, please refer to support to find out which is the most recent version of the

web editor at Send them the version number that is

displayed in your Web Editor and confer with them whether that is the latest

version or not.

6. Our colleagues at support will make sure that you can work with the latest

version of the Editor and help you to resolve any other issues that might be

causing your Editor not to run smoothly.

Note: If you know you are running an old Web Editor version in your browser, please clear your browser cache to refresh.

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