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Installing the Offline HoloViewer
How to install and run the Offline HoloViewer on an External Drive
How to install and run the Offline HoloViewer on an External Drive

For a better managing and direct storing of your dowloaded HoloBuilder projects, you can run the HoloViewer directly from an external drive.

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In order to view downloaded HoloBuilder projects, you will need to have the Offline HoloViewer installed on your computer.
The Offline HoloViewer can be installed and run on your desktop or on an external hard drive, e.g. if you need more storage space.

Always make sure that the location where you install the Offline HoloViewer does have enough storage space to store your downloaded project. Always calculate with double the storage space that the project currently has for a smooth processing.

The offline HoloViewer is available for Windows and Mac devices (only supported on Intel Mac - M1+ not compatible) for download on

Offline HoloViewer download page

Downloading the HoloViewer installer file

Before downloading any projects yourself or viewing any shared offline projects, you should make sure to download and install the Offline HoloViewer to your computer:

  1. On the HoloBuilder website, go to the Downloads section and find the download options for the HoloViewer.
    IMPORTANT: If you are using our HoloBuilder EU solution, please make sure to download the EU version.

    Download option server
  2. You can choose the appropriate download option for your computer - currently, the HoloViewer desktop app is available for Windows as well as Mac users (Important: The HoloViewer is only supported on Intel Mac - M1+ devices are not compatible).

Click the correct download option and the HoloViewer .exe file will be downloaded to your computer.

Installing the Offline HoloViewer on an external Hard Drive

Installing the app:

  1. Connect an external hard drive such as a USB stick.
    Note: Make sure that the external hard drive has double the storage space to store your project.)

  2. Run the installer file from the external drive.

  3. Follow the instructions.

  4. Select the hard drive as the location to save the Offline HoloViewer app to.

Once the Offline HoloViewer was installed on the external hard drive, you can start downloading the projects as usual directly to the drive.

IMPORTANT: In order to run and download HoloBuilder projects to the Offline HoloViewer on your external drive, this drive needs to be and stay connected to the PC/Mac the whole time. Do not simply disconnect the drive.

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