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How to add a group of collaborators from one project to another existing project
How to add a group of collaborators from one project to another existing project

Learn more about how to add a full team from one project to another already existing project in a few clicks.

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You want to update your team constellation of a current project? There is an easy way to add entire teams from other projects. This way you do not have to put together the same team user by user, but just 'copy' the team structure from a different project.

If you are putting together a team for a new project, this article will help you to do so.

Adding an entire team to an existing project

  1. In the Enterprise Dashboard, find the project that you want to add the team to in the Active Projects list.

  2. Open the project details and go to the Team overview.

  3. Select the button Add member. A separate dialog will now open.

Existing project overview

4. In this dialog, you have the option to add users separately or, at the bottom, add

members from an existing project. From the dropdown, select the project from

which you would like to adopt the team structure.

5. If you are happy with the exact team constellation, click Add.


6. If you would like to further adjust your team structure, select Edit members. The

dialog will expand and show every team member with their email address and

respective role. Here, you can change the role of each user separately or delete

a user from the team.

Adding team members from an existing project

7. Once you are happy with the users to be added, click the black Add button and

your project's team list will be updated. All selected users will receive an

invitation email to this project according to the assigned role.

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