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How to delete a project from the JobWalk app
How to delete a project from the JobWalk app

Find out how to remove a project from your mobile device with just a few taps.

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NOTE: Before deleting a project, make sure that all progress was successfully uploaded to the cloud and there are no unsynchronized changes saved locally on your device.

In some cases, it might be necessary to delete a project from the JobWalk App on your device. This way the project will not be deleted entirely from the cloud, but rather "locally" so that it will not be available offline in the app anymore.

You can easily remove your projects from the JobWalk App on your mobile device. This might also be helpful if you need to free up storage space on your mobile device or are not working on that project anymore. See below how to do so in a few easy steps!

Please note that, when deleting a project in your JobWalk app you will NOT delete the project itself on the cloud, it will only be removed from your device. The project will still be available in the cloud and can be accessed in the Web Editor or downloaded again to the app at any time! 

Deleting the local copy of your project from the JobWalk app

In your JobWalk App, there are two ways how you can reach the menu for removing a project from your app:

Open the JobWalk app on your mobile device.

1. Go to the ON THIS DEVICE project list in the app.  

2. Next to the project that you would like to remove, select the three dots to open the project settings.

1. Open the project in the app.

2. In the upper right corner of your screen, tap the three dots to open your project's settings.


3. Select Remove from device next to the trashbin symbol. 

Menu to remove project from the JobWalk app

Project settings menu in the JobWalk app

4. Finally, confirm the deletion of your project by tapping DELETE in the popup. The project will now be removed from your device, but it will still be available for download in the list Projects in the cloud and can be edited in the web editor.

All projects in the cloud are available to be downloaded to your device. Just make

sure to have a stable internet connection while downloading anything.

Otherwise, you might experience issues with the project in the JobWalk App.

Completing the project removal in the JobWalk app

When downloading a project on the JobWalk app, you can choose between downloading the entire project or the project layout. Find out more about these options in this separate tutorial.

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