When and How to use the HDR setting

In low light situations it can be useful to enable HDR (High Dynamic Range), but it will also take a little longer to capture each photo.

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Photo documentation depends on the quality of the photos being taken, and no less so with 360° photography.

In low light situations cameras can struggle to capture all the details that are needed for a detailed photograph. If you find yourself in such a situation you can achieve better results using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature in the JobWalk app.

When enabled, the connected camera will take several photographs instead of just one and then combine them to achieve a better overall result.

There are two possible downsides to this process;

  1. It will take longer. The camera has to take multiple photos and the. apply post-processing. This means it will take roughly three times longer than with HDR disabled.

  2. In parts where there is movement, the photos might be blurrier than usual.

You should evaluate carefully if you want to enable the feature, but the downsides might be worth it in some situations.

Once enabled you should restrict the movement of the camera as much as possible. Using a tripod is highly advised.

To enable HDR in the JobWalk app click on a sheet and just open the menu through the three dots on the top right corner. Then tick the corresponding checkbox in the menu on the bottom as pictured below.

HDR Mode option in JobWalk App

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