List View

Depending on your preferences, you can organize your project listing in a list or a tile view. To switch the view, select either the tiles icon ☷ or the list icon ☰ in the upper right corner of your dashboard’s project overview. 

Tiles view

Displays your projects as tiles including a larger project image as well as the project name, client name, project area, Group Manager, Project Manager, and the date when it was last edited. This view helps you scan your projects faster according to the project image.

List view

Displays your project in a list including the same information on the project as the tiles view. The list view helps to get a better overview, especially when looking for a specific project by name.

Search by project name

To navigate more directly to a project, you can search for the full or partial project name in the project lists. Find the search bar at the top of the project list.

Click on the search bar to open the drop-down menu with all project names and set your cursor into the search bar to start typing. There are two options to locate your project:

  1. Scroll through the drop-down list and select the project name you have been looking for.
  2. Start typing the full or partial project name. Both, the drop-down list as well as the project list below will adjust smartly according to the typed-in term. Select the project you have been looking for from either list.

Sort project list by criteria

By default, the projects are initially sorted according to the date they have been last edited. Sort your project list in any of the two views by predefined criteria. The projects will be sorted alphabetically or chronologically depending on the criteria.

Click on the drop-down menu next to the search bar and select any of the criteria below.

Available sorting criteria:

  • Area size: sort ascending or descending by the area size in Square Feet
  • Client name: sort alphabetically by the client name
  • Creation date: sort by the initial creating date of the project, showing either the oldest or most recently created projects first
  • Project name: sort alphabetically by the client name
  • Last edited: sort by the date when the project was last modified, showing either the oldest or most recently updated projects first

Order project overview ascending/descending

Any presorted list can be ordered ascending or descending to help you find what you seek. Apply the criteria you would like to sort for. To the right of the sorting list, you can find two arrowheads facing up and down. The current ordering of your list is marked by the black arrowhead (in comparison to the gray arrowhead).

Order descending

If your list is ordered descending, the arrowhead facing up is marked in black.

To order you list to be descending, click the upper arrowhead when it is marked gray.

Order ascending

If your list is ordered ascending, the arrowhead facing down is marked in black.

To order you list to be ascending, click the lower arrowhead when it is marked gray.


If you still have any questions about organizing your projects or the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard in general, please let us know by e-mail at or via our integrated live chat.

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