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Prepare your first jobwalk with VideoMode
Prepare your first jobwalk with VideoMode

Check out the following guidelines before your first VideoMode capture to ensure the best HoloBuilder VideoMode experience.

Written by Giancarlo Jimenez
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To provide you with the best VideoMode experience possible we created this checklist for preparing your first VideoMode jobwalk.

Recommended prepratation before for first your VideoMode capture

360° camera settings

Ensure firmware compatibility

Compatible firmware is key for a proper communication between 360° camera & JobWalk app. Regularly update your cameras firmware for the best experience.

Please ensure that your camera runs on at least the minimal mentioned firmware below.
Click on your camera below for instructions on how to update the firmware.

Use a high-quality SD card (U3 or V30 and above)

Not all SD cards are created equal!
Use an SD card with speed class U3/V30 and above to avoid data loss.

When you're using a SD card that is slower than UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) or Video Speed Class 30 (V30), the camera's buffer fills up as the videos get longer because the SD card can't write quickly enough. Your camera will not be able to save your data anymore resulting in data loss.

We recommend working with a card with speed class U3/V30 and above and only purchasing name-brand microSD cards through official resellers.

If you are looking into what memory card to purchase, find here the list of recommended Memory cards from Insta.

Disable auto shutdown and sleep

Turn off auto shutdown/sleep mode to avoid failed data transfers
between camera & phone.

Some 360° cameras have a feature that will automatically shut down the camera after a few minutes. This can lead to failed data transfers between the camera and JobWalk App.

Usually this feature can be disbaled within the basic settings, e.g. for the Insta360 One X2 cameras under the following steps:

  • Basic Settings -> General -> Auto Power Off -> Set to never

  • Basic settings -> Screen Auto sleep -> Timer -> Never

For detailed instructions please refer to your 360° cameras user manual.

Turn on auto exposure

Turn on auto exposure to avoid overexposed images .

We highly recommend to turn on auto exposure as you might walk through different lighted areas while recording with VideoMode. If you manually set an exposure for your 360° camera some images might turn out being overexposed (too bright). Overexposed images will lead to lost tracking, and thus misalignment of your VideoMode data.

For Insta X2 & X3: Ensure you are recording in 360° mode

Insta X2 & X3 cameras allow switching between 360° and single lens (150°) mode.

Only 360° recordings work with VideoMode.

Both Insta X2 and Insta X3 camera provide 2 different modes for recording videos. Especially on Insta X2 you can easily switch between modes and accidentally activate it. Please always make sure you are recording with 360° mode as 150° videos are not compatible with VideoMode.

Mobile device settings

For iOS ≥17: Set auto-lock to "Never"

Turn off Auto-lock to avoid failed data transfers between camera & phone.

It is recommended to set the Auto-Lock function to "Never" on your iOS mobile device. You can adjust this with the following steps:

  • Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock -> Never

Recommendations for 360° camera & mobile device

Fully charge batteries

Charge your device batteries & bring external batteries/powerbanks.

Please fully charge the mobile device and your 360 camera before capturing. As continuous recording of videos can drain the battery quickly we recommend bringing an external battery for the camera and/or a power bank to increase the possible overall recording time.

Ensure enough free storage: 64GB +

Regularly free up storage space on your devices. You should have at least 64 GB free storage available, to ensure the best VideoMode experience.

Videos take up a lot of storage space. If the storage of either your devices fills up this will negatively influence your VideoMode experience and can even result in data loss.

We recommend that you keep your 360 camera's and mobile devices storage capacities at maximum at all times. At least 10-20 GB should be available but we recommend highly to have 64+ GB of free storage available per device.


After successfull uploads, the JobWalk app will remove the video footage from the mobile device, while the original video stays on the 360° camera. Regularly check which content you can delete from your cameras SD card to ensure you have enough space available.

Need more help?

You can always reach us via email at, use the live chat feature in the bottom right corner, or simply contact your HoloBuilder representative.

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