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FAQs & Tips - ContinuousMode
FAQs & Tips - ContinuousMode

Here are the answers for some typically asked questions regarding Continuous Mode.

Written by Giancarlo Jimenez
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IMPORTANT: If your device is not compatible for use with ContinuousMode, this option will not show in the JobWalk app for you (iOS) or show a warning that you cannot use this mode (Android).

What is the ContinuousMode in the JobWalk App?

ContinuousMode is a sub-mode of SpeedMode and can be toggled on & toggled off when you have SpeedMode activated.

When ContinuousMode is enabled, it allows you to automatically capture a 360 photo according to a predefined distance, e.g. every 5 meters / about 16 feet. You can simply walk the site and the camera will keep taking 360° photos for you. Unlike the classic SpeedMode, ContinuousMode automatically adds new waypoints that do not have to be pre-planned ahead of time. Simply tap and go!

Once the site is captured, ContinuousMode can also add new waypoints in addition to adding TimeTravels to existing waypoints when passing them.

Unlike video-based systems, Continuous Capture allows you to see where you are on the floor plan while you walk and know the sections that you have and haven't captured yet, leading to better data quality.

FAQs & Tips:

  • SpeedMode is not starting although my mobile device fulfills the requirements for it.

    • Please check the camera permissions for the JobWalk app.

      For iOS:

      1. Go to device Settings

      2. Select JobWalk from the list

      3. Enable the “Camera“ option

      For Android:

      1. Open the system settings screen of the JobWalk App (the screen where you could also uninstall the app)

      2. Click on App permissions

      3. Make sure the Camera permission is allowed

  • Why can't I see the ContinuousMode option enabled when SpeedMode is set up?

    • If your device is not compatible for use with ContinuousMode, this option will not show in the JobWalk app for you (iOS) or show a warning that you cannot use this mode (Android). You can learn more on which devices are compatible here.

  • Do I need to keep a specific pace when capturing with Continuous Mode?

    • There is no exact walking speed to consider when capturing using continuous mode. For the best experience, maintain your standard walking speed and keep it consistent to allow the system enough time to process the images correctly.

  • Am I required to stop to capture a 360 image with Continuous Mode?

    • No, the capturing can be done during the walk. There is no need to actually stop.

  • Will the app always trigger the images at exactly the same distance?

    • No. By default, the distance for when a new image is captured is set to ~5 m / 16 feet. However, it does not capture on an "exact" distance but rather with a minimum distance to allow the device to process individual captures.

  • Can I switch between different sheets while capturing with Continuous Mode?

    • Yes, you can always switch to a different sheet to continue capturing in Continuous Mode. However, it is recommended to structure your capture and not move back and forth between different sheets, as this will require SpeedMode to be set up for each capturing session of each sheet.

  • I always need to redo the setup of the sheet as my Insta360 One X2 camera goes into sleep mode. How can I prevent this?

    • By default, the insta360 One X2 camera will go to sleep mode after 1-2 min of being idle. When using any of the SpeedMode options, the camera thinks it is idle and goes into sleep mode, which resets the setup of the sheet.

    • You can disable the sleep mode on the Insta360 One X2 camera by following the steps below:

      • Basic Settings -> General -> Auto Power Off -> set to never

      • Basic settings -> Screen Auto sleep -> Timer -> Never

Note: If you experience any other issues, please contact us via Our customer support team will reach out to you.

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