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How to delete a Group in the Enterprise Dashboard
How to delete a Group in the Enterprise Dashboard

Learn more on how to delete a group in your Enterprise Dashboard while still assuring correct access to all projects.

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To keep your Dashboard organized and easy to handle, it is important to keep only those projects, groups and users which are still currently needed. Should a certain group not be in use anymore or you would like to restrict access for the group members, you can delete the group.

How to delete a group

Please note that in order to delete a group, all related projects first need to be assigned to another group. Make sure to reassign the projects first before continuing with the below steps.

  1. In the Enterprise Dashboard, open the Groups menu under the Admin item in the panel on the left.  

  2. Select the group that you would like to delete and open the group information.

  3. Now, remove all members of the group one by one.
    You can do this by moving the cursor over the user names in the members list. A black circle with a '-' symbol will appear to the right of the name. Click the now visible icon to remove the user.
    Please note that removing a user from a group, will not remove this user completely from the Company Dashboard. Learn more about how to remove a user completely from your dashboard here.

  4. A pop-up will warn you that the user might have useless access to the Dashboard if he/she is not assigned to any other group or project. Make sure to assign that user to another group first or be aware that he might have very restricted access.

  5. Confirm by clicking Yes, if all correct access is assured. 

Deleting a group in HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

Note: In case you get the error message depicted below, it means that the group is still assigned to a project in the Dashboard. Since a project has to be assigned to a group to assure access, you need to reassign the respective project(s) to different group(s) first. Once the group is not assigned to any project(s) anymore, you can try deleting the last group member again. 

Removing user warning message

   7. Once the last group member is removed, the group will be deleted automatically

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