If you would like to show 360 Markups and Location Markers with viewers without publicly sharing the project you can customize the projects settings to your like.

To make these changes, open the 'Customize' tab under 'File' -> 'Properties'.

You will no find two separate options to enable or disable both Location Markers as well as 360 Markups as highlighted in the screenshot below:

Please note that you can only show 360 Markups and Location Markers to all users with a Viewer role, not to specific ones.

To double check which users have which permission in your project just open the 'Permissions' tab which is just above the 'Customize' option.

To learn more about Location Markers and the JobWalk Planner please refer to our dedicated tutorial:

If you are looking for information about "Easy Access" for new HoloBuilder users that join your existing company please follow the link below:

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