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HoloBuilder SSO (Single-Sign-On) Company Option
HoloBuilder SSO (Single-Sign-On) Company Option

SSO allows company members to sign in to HoloBuilder via their well-known company login website, using their usual credentials.

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Users won’t have to manage additional login credentials, while companies have full control over their account security requirements, both of which strengthen the overall HoloBuilder account security.

IMPORTANT: HoloBuilder's SSO connection is based on the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC) standards. Other connections are currently not supported.

About Single Sign-On (SSO)

The SSO Enterprise Dashboard is secluded by your company's login administration which allows you to manage user access to the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard more securely. Only users authenticated via your company’s login server are able to access the Enterprise Dashboard and  view or edit projects.

Please note that SSO within HoloBuilder is only available in combination with an Enterprise Dashboard for an extra fee. Please contact us at to get more information.

HoloBuilder’s Company SSO is compatible with any identity provider supporting OAuth 2.0. The following SSO Identity Providers are proofen to work with HoloBuilder:

  1. Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  2. Okta

Enabling SSO for a company

The HoloBuilder Company Single Sign-On option is available for new Enterprise Dashboard users directly during the setup.
Existing Enterprise Dashboards will have to be migrated to an isolated environment to enable the Single Sign-On option.

SSO for companies without existing HoloBuilder subscription

If you do not yet have an Enterprise Dashboard, we will set up a completely new, secure Enterprise Dashboard environment for you including SSO for your company. Please contact us at to have your new Enterprise Dashboard set up directly with SSO included. 

SSO for companies with an existing Enterprise Dashboard

An already existing Enterprise Dashboard can be migrated into a new Enterprise Dashboard environment supporting SSO login. Please contact us at to ask for migration to the SSO compatible company dashboard.

After the migration, Dashboard users will have to sign in using the  SSO server.

Users will require an account on the external SSO server.

New user sign up with SSO

Once the Single Sign-On option was enabled for your HoloBuilder company dashboard, registered company members can be invited to the SSO company.

Inviting new users with SSO

Users can be invited to your SSO-secured HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard as well as to individual projects as viewers or editors, by their email address.
Learn more about how to invite users to your HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard.

Important Constraints

The following important constraints apply to your SSO-enabled Enterprise Dashboard

  • Invite Only: Only users who were invited to your HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard will be able to register via your company’s login server and join a HoloBuilder project or group.

  • SSO Only: After being invited, only users having an account on your company’s login server will be able to create a new HoloBuilder account using Single Sign-On, and join your Enterprise Dashboard.

  • External access: External users, such as consultants, will first have to be issued accounts on your company’s login server. Please contact the department in charge in your company.

    Please note that it is not possible to invite external users to join your HoloBuilder dashboard without them having an account on your internal company login server.

    To grant view access, you can use the "unlisted" access level for your projects to allow users to view a HoloBuilder project without logging in.

User log in with SSO

Please note that only users that are already invited to an SSO Enterprise Dashboard or company project can log in with SSO. Please remember to invite these users beforehand.

To log in with your company single sign-on, go to the HoloBuilder website and choose the option "Company Provider (SSO)” to sign in. 

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