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Logging in to HoloBuilder with your company SSO
Logging in to HoloBuilder with your company SSO

If you have SSO enabled for your HoloBuilder dashboard, you will need to log in with your personal company details.

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HoloBuilder offers the setup of a company SSO (Single-Sign-On) option. Please check with your Enterprise Admin if you are not sure about the current setup of your HoloBuilder dashboard setup. 

User log in with SSO

Please note that only users that are already invited to an SSO Enterprise Dashboard or company project can log in with SSO. Please remember to invite these users beforehand.

To log in with your company single sign-on, go to the HoloBuilder website:

  1. Click on the button “Company Provider (SSO)”.

  2. Enter the Company ID or company name.

  3. Click CONTINUE. A popup with your company’s login page will open.

  4. In the pop-up, enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

  5. Click on Sign On to log into your account.

  6. You’ll return to HoloBuilder and can now start working.

HoloBuilder SSO login menu

Forgot your Company ID

If you forgot your Company ID, click on “Forgot company ID?” below the CONTINUE button. In the new text field, enter your email address and click CONTINUE. You will receive an email with your company information including a link to directly log in to your SSO company or to access a project.

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