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Update error: "wrong Apple ID"
Update error: "wrong Apple ID"

The JobWalk App always needs to be updated with the same Apple ID.

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When working on an Apple device, it is important to know that you can only update your JobWalk App with the same Apple ID with which you first downloaded the app.

If you changed the Apple ID that you were using on your device before, the app store will display an error message when trying to update the app.

Error message when trying to update JobWalk app

There are two ways to avoid this error message:

  • Switch back to the Apple ID that you used for downloading the JobWalk and then update the app. Once the download is finished, you can switch back to your new Apple ID.

  • Uninstall the JobWalk App and then reinstall it with your new Apple ID.

    CAUTION: Make sure to upload all progress from the app to the cloud before uninstalling the app. Otherwise, you might lose your most recent captures and changes of your project.

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