Company branding in the Enterprise Dashboard

Configure your company branding including your logo and company URL in the dashboard to be added automatically to all your company projects.

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Note: A company branding can only be set by users with an Enterprise Admin role.

When setting a company branding, this branding will be applied to all your newly created projects as well as existing projects without a project branding in your company dashboard. 

Please note that the existing project’s branding won’t be overwritten. Learn more about individual project branding.

​To access the company branding settings, log in to your Enterprise Dashboard. Under Settings in the left-hand side panel, select the tab “Branding”.

Company branding management in HoloBuilder Dashboard

Add a logo

You can add any .png or .jpeg/.jpg image file as your company logo.

  1. Click on the image area.

  2. Browse your computer for an image.

  3. Upload the selected image.

  4. Save the changes.

To change the logo, click on the image file and browse for the new image file you would like to upload instead.

Hover over the image file and click the little recycling bin in the upper right corner to remove the set company logo. This way your newly created projects won’t get a company logo applied anymore.

Please note that this will not remove the logo of all your existing project but only for projects you create after removing the logo from the company settings.

Editing company logo in HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

Add a website link

Add a link which should open when clicking the company logo in your projects:

  1. Copy/paste or type the complete URL into the text box.

  2. Save your changes.

To remove the link from your company logo, delete the text from the text box and save your changes.

Managing website link in HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard

Hide the HoloBuilder logo

Depending on your preferences, you can show or hide the HoloBuilder logo in the player view of your shared company projects.

  • If enabled and no own company logo is attached, the HoloBuilder logo will show in the upper right corner in the player view.

  • If enabled and you have a personal company logo added, the HoloBuilder logo will show below your company logo in the player view.

Show HoloBuilder Logo in Enterprise Dashboard
  • If disabled and no own company logo is attached, the HoloBuilder logo will not show at any time in the upper right corner in the player view.

  • If disabled and you have a personal company logo added, only your company logo will show in the player view.

Hide HoloBuilder logo in Enterprise Dashboard

Custom project branding

To customize individual projects branding, you can still change the branding for that project in its project properties in the web editor.
Alternatively, you can also remove the branding for an individual project.

Displaying the branding

The company branding shows in the player view when opening the project in the web viewer. It will show in the upper right corner of each of the company projects.

Click the logo to open the connected website link.

Please note that the logo will not show in the preview mode.

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