The .csv file with your user directory overview can only be downloaded in the Enterprise Dashboard.

Steps to download the user list as .csv file

Note that you need a corresponding Enterprise Dashboard role to actually download the list view. The list will only include the users that you can also view online in the user directory.

  1. Open your Enterprise Dashboard.

  2. Go to your “User Directory” projects.

  3. In the top bar right-hand side, click on the button with the little table icon.

  4. The .csv file with your project overview will be automatically downloaded to your PC.

    Please note: The projects list will only include the projects that you have access to with your current Enterprise Dashboard role.

Included data for User Directory list

In the .csv file the following information is included for each of the users in your HoloBuilder User Directory:

  • Name

  • E-Mail

  • Role

  • Can Create Groups

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